Late Buses Still Plague Two Months Into The School Year – #WCPSS

From the start of the 2015-16 school year, busing problems have plagued Wake County Schools.  Two months into the year, the issues with late buses and buses not running on their assigned schedules continues.


Two months into the school year, Kathy Bloom says problems with late and ‘no show’ buses are getting worse in her East Raleigh neighborhood.

“I bring a little camping chair with me to sit [at the bus stop] because it could be 15 minutes. It could be an hour and a half,” she said.

In the past two weeks, the Wake County mother was left scrambling to make other arrangements when her son’s bus didn’t arrive at the bus stop on two different occasions.

I feel her pain.  After talking to other parents, every single elementary school in our area has had similar issues.

The children bearing the brunt of these issues seems to be elementary students, who are last on the list to be picked up for their routes home.

The News and Observer uncovered that the Wake County Board of Education had cut some 80 buses from the line-up for this year. After hearing that the Wake Board ‘wasn’t getting emails’ about the problem, I sent my own email in detailing my child’s return bus route delays.

Bill Fletcher, Christine Kushner and Susan Evans all responded to my note asking for details on my child’s school and bus route.  Miraculously, the following week our school was assigned three new buses.

This has not resolved the issue with my own child’s return route tardiness, however.
In fact, there has not been a single instance of my child’s bus leaving the school at its scheduled time to bring the kids home. Another email might have to be written.

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