Cruz Handily Wins NC Tea Party Consitutional Caucus Vote


Candidates who received votes in descending order via

  1. Cruz – 391 (50.13%)
  2. Carson – 328 (42.04%)
  3. Trump – 31 (3.97%)
  4. Paul – 18 (2.31%)
  5. Fiorina – 6 (.77%)
  6. Rubio – 4 (.51%)
  7. Jindal – 2 (.26%)

There were nine who abstained from voting.

No votes for Bush, Kasich, Walker, Christie, Graham, Santorum, Pataki or Gilmore.

Hey, does anyone know (or care) if Jim Gilmore even still in it? I see you out there… Googling  ‘Jim Gilmore’ now.

No Huckabee in the list either and he drew between 8-10,000 people to Raleigh that same day for a “Stand With God” rally.

IMG_2651It would seem the NC Tea party has chosen their man and it’s Senator  Ted Cruz.

I’m better than OK with that.



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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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9 Responses to Cruz Handily Wins NC Tea Party Consitutional Caucus Vote

  1. patriotflllc says:

    The North Carolina TEA Party has NOT spoken. This whole set of events was a joke. Most of the real Grassroots activists I know across the State avoided this farce like the plague.


  2. brackenkaren says:

    It appears as the people of North Carolina need to be educated on the original intent and definition of natural born citizen. Or are we to believe the Rs don’t care about the requirements to be President the same as the Ds don’t care about the requirements? Senator Cruz himself (when running for the Senate) stated that natural born is born on American soil of 2 American parents. Not totally accurate BUT how does he feel that he fits his own definition of NATURAL born? There is a sworn affidavit from the guy that did that interview to this fact because that interview has been scrubbed from the internet. GEE wonder why?? Cruz, Rubio and Jindal all know they are not eligible and I don’t hear one ounce of truth from anyone on either side. It seem to me the Rs are as guilty now as the Ds were for running Obama as a candidate and later to become President. Rubio and Jindal were born on American soil but not mother or father was an American. That makes them anchor babies. They are determined to be citizens but they ARE NOT natural born citizens. Cruz said he is natural born because his mother was American….not true and he knows it is not true so how does that explain Rubio and Jindal. No matter how much you like any of these candidates we are changing the Constitution not by using the amendment process but by setting precedent. This is very dangerous in many ways. If there was nothing different about being a CITIZEN and a NATURAL born citizen why did our founding fathers make the distinction? Why have they tried 8 times to change this requirement (failing each time)? Obama himself was involved in trying to get it changed while in the Senate. We American have truly not learned a darn thing in the past 7 years. We are falling for handshakes, flowery speeches filled with campaign lies that will never be fulfilled and the American people will never hold them accountable even after they find out they were lied to. As a matter of fact they will probably elect the guy or gal for a second term. I you shut off the TV and did some real unbiased research into these candidates I think you would look at them much differently. But as usual we sit in fascination and allow the media to tell us who to vote for. Have any of you looked into Cruz’s wife? If you think Ted and Heidi think differently PLEASE think again. Heidi is a globalist and so is her husband. Tell me exaclty WHAT has Cruz, Rubio or Paul actually accomplished during their tenure in the Senate?? Oh they stood up and banged their fists on the podium. They screamed about the Iran deal but all 3 of them voted for the Corker bill that allowed the Iran deal to get passed. Back to Heidi…….up until Ted ran for the Senate she was a member of the CFR… know that little group that wants to replace our Constitution and open up our borders. And she sat on the CFR task force for the North American Communities (OPEN BORDERS). She is deeply rooted in the international banking cabal. Is this who you want for First Lady? Well time for you to do your own homework. But I will tell you at the end of the day the candidate that will eventually rein supreme will be the candidate that has sold his/her soul. I predict BUSH-CLINTON will be the ticket. I personally will be voting for whoever runs as a Libertarian and if my prediction comes true the American people would be mindful to do the same. If we get either Bush or Clinton we are done and YOU will get the government YOU deserve.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      I respect you but you’re wrong here. There has been no decision on what the term “natural born” means.

      Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are all eligible, they are not anchor babies either.

      Cruz’s mom was an American citizen.
      His father, a naturalized citizen from Cuba.

      Please cite the source of your quote by Cruz, because I’m pretty sure a man who clerked for a Supreme Court Justice and who has argued in front of the High court on a number of occasions knows the Constitution better than to say that.

      Attacking his wife is rather sad. Cite your sources.


    • topassistant says:

      I attended the Wake County Caucus one and it was well great! It certainly was not a farce! Since you say you are a libertarian please explain how you intend to keep the Islamist Muslim out of the U.S. with open borders?


  3. formwiz says:

    Interesting shake-out.

    Any real sense of why The Donald came in third? I know in the South good manners still counts for a lot and Trump is very Northeast Corridor.


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