Durham Academy: “I Don’t Say” Anything About The First Amendment

Folks, in this country we are blessed with free speech under the First Amendment.

At Durham Academy, they seem to have forgotten about the concept of speaking one’s mind or being able to express oneself using a simple turn of phrase, like ‘boys will be boys.

“Durham students are trying to put an end to verbal bullying.. by eliminating words that people might use every day.. without thinking about the impact.

Lib LogicI don’t say, ‘Don’t be a sissy,’ because it implies being feminine or associating with femininity is undesired or makes you weak,” said Breanna Byrd, age 18, a graduate of the program.

“I don’t say, ‘Ghetto’ because it trivializes the struggles of impoverished people and communities,” Samantha Baker said.

These Durham Academy students are saying a lot… by expressing what they don’t say.

“I don’t say, ‘Boys will be boys’ because it negates responsibility for boys,” Justin Warren said.

“I don’t say, ‘I’m so OCD’ because it trivializes a real disorder that many people struggle with,” a girl, Anna Baker, said.
– Source: WNCN


Well then, what DO they say?  That’s not mentioned in the article, but I am sure  that whatever they say, it is nothing “trivializes” anything else.

The “I Don’t Say”  wording of the message… aims to not tell others what to do… but rather set an example.
– Source: WNCN

Do they just stand there with their mouths agape, staring blankly?  Probably.  The goal here is apparently to “end verbal bullying” and “set an example”??

What this “collaboration” by two ‘clubs’ at the school is engaging in here actually is  verbal bullying. It’s Shutuppery.

The example they are setting isn’t one of the responsibility of free speech — they do’t even mention the First Amendment, much less  honor it. Part of the beauty in having free speech is that one can be offended by it.

Their teacher, Harrison Haynes, seems to miss this point, given his commentary and praise for what is essentially censorship.

So who are these kids?

“The year-long project is a  collaboration of the Durham Academy Upper School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Diversity Club and Advanced Photography class”
– Source: WNCN

At Durham Academy, it appears they’re more about censoring speech that offends them than actually addressing any issues. These days, with the ‘Outrage Industry‘ in full swing, offending someone doesn’t take much.



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  2. Blippo says:

    Can you not see the irony of being outraged at this?


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