#NotAHomeSchool: Leesville High Art Teacher Arrested For Harassing Phone Calls

A little birdie flew in and told me that one ‘Linda Stevens’ should be added to NC Plott Hound’s Not A Homeschool collection:

Ms. Linda Ann Cooper Stevens, according to Wake Mug Shots, was arrested halfway across Wake county from her residence on June 5th for “14-196(A)(3) HARASSING PHONE CALL”.

Ms. Stevens is apparently the Art teacher at Leesville Road High School.  Oddly, I was unable to locate any local media reporting on this arrest.

14-196(A)(3) of the NC Statutes is “Using profane, indecent or threatening language to any person over telephone; annoying or harassing by repeated telephoning or making false statements over telephone.”

Sub-section three reads, “To telephone another repeatedly, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of abusing, annoying, threatening, terrifying, harassing or embarrassing any person at the called number;

The report did not say what number Stevens was harassing.  She apparently  ‘knows her art’ but does a bit of ‘harassing’ unless you’re a ‘favorite’ of hers, according to RateMyTeachers.com.

The site has ratings going back to 2004 through the current year with scathing comments such as:

“She labels you good student bad student or nonexistant student early on” (2004)

“Mrs. Stevens loves to talk, but oftentimes she is not clear and downright confusing. She insults students (esp. athletes) with no mercy.” (2010)

“wretched teacher.” (2011)

“Worst teacher ever! She belittles her students, and put her hands on me. She has been reported to Human Resources. Other students in the class hate her as well.” (2012)

The most recent comment is from January 2015:

“The mixed reviews make me laugh now. She held something against our child and the counselor implied perhaps we did not know how our child truly behaved in class. Our child’s university class rank has been #1 2 semesters in a row. She wasn’t the only person in this situation with this teacher. She had no issues whatsoever with any other Leesville teachers, or the other art teacher, who is far better & treats students respectfully. I feel this particular teacher is burned out & should retire.”

Perhaps it is time for retirement.





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3 Responses to #NotAHomeSchool: Leesville High Art Teacher Arrested For Harassing Phone Calls

  1. ruby86 says:

    This teacher was treated our child horribly. It was unbelievable. Dealing with her was a nightmare. After raising 4 children I can easily say interacting with her was the worst experience ever in dealing with any teacher throughout our kids school experience.


  2. Amanda says:

    As a parent, this is an End of the Year Gift. She was the source of multiple negative emails to the school. The school’s response today was “Ms. Stevens announced her retirement some time ago and will not be returning in the fall.” good riddance


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