WNCN Embargoes Teacher Sexual Misconduct Story (UPDATED!)

In my email alerts this morning I saw a story from WNCN on ‘sexual misconduct by educators a growing problem’. When I clicked the link, I found that the story had been pulled. I hit Twitter and asked WNCN why. Here is the response:

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UPDATE: This story on Teacher Sexual Misconduct at WNCN is now available and it is a MUST READ.


WNCN Investigates started compiling and digging through court records and found that in the past five years, teachers have been charged more than 700 times for sexual misconduct with students.

“This is child sexual abuse and child rape and we have to recognize it as that,” Miller said. “It’s wretched. It wreaks havoc on their lives, their relationships, their emotional well-being.”

Miller said most cases often go unreported.

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