NC Academic Freedom Alliance Event – April 18th

Action ButtonThe Asheville Tea Party will be hosting the NC Academic Freedom Alliance for an event on Saturday, April 18th.

Press release below.

ASHEVILLE TEA PARTY News Release                   News Release                           News Release                       April 12, 2015

                                                                                           Contact: Jane Bilello
                                                                                                            828 692-3117
On Saturday, April 18th, 2015 Asheville Tea Party, Inc. is hosting the North Carolina Freedom Alliance Workshop – a workshop full of tools to repeal and replace Common Core.   The workshop will be held at the Skyland Fire Department, 9 Miller Road in Asheville between 10AM and 12PM. A 1PM workshop is optional.  The event is free to the public.  However, contributions are welcome to help defray the cost of materials and travel.  Coffee and cookies will be served.
Are you as concerned about our educational system as your fellow citizens?  ATP Chair Jane Bilello reflects the frustration of many with Common Core.
“This unconstitutional intrusion of the federal government enslaves the states with yet one more social engineering scheme.  Common Core elevates testing above student success, relegates the teacher to the growing educational bureaucratic bloat of data collecting, eliminates parental involvement, and stifles student and teacher creativity.   America’s dynamism is embedded in the celebration of the individual. Our educational standards should reflect that philosophy.  Common Core supports central control over education with its one size fits all, regardless of what the individual child needs.”
Like the North Carolina Freedom Alliance, do you want to join in the quest to repeal and replace Common Core?  Arm yourself with the tools you need. Whether you are a home school parent, a private or public school parent, grandparent, or teacher, Common Core will affect you.  Find out how and then learn how be an effective advocate for “Achieving Excellence in Academics” using the tools of the North Carolina Freedom Alliance.  Their mission  –  to ’Educate,’ to ‘Activate,’ to ‘Legislate,’ and to ‘Perpetuate.’
The Workshop features “Watch Dog” recruitment, training, and material for distribution to school boards, county commissioners, and our representatives.  In addition, the “Common Core 101” handbook will be available for perusal.  There will be an update on “The North Carolina Plan” followed by question and answer period from the audience.  At 1PM, there will be an optional workshop.
Kathy Young, Lynn Taylor, and Guy Smith, speakers of the NC Academic Freedom Alliance Task Force, will arm you with resources on The North Carolina Curriculum, Common Core math “problems,” Common Core ELA “problems,” and The Educational “WatchDog” Network.  A FREE BOOKLET WILL BE AVAILABLE: HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD SURVIVE COMMON CORE MATH WHILE WE ARE ABOLISHING IT. – KATHY YOUNG
Asheville Tea Party, Incorporated (ATP) is a 501 C4 organization dedicated to bringing the public educational forums such as this one.  Our purpose in forming ATP is  to provide an organizational foundation for the execution of projects that advance our core values; those being specifically:  the promotion and preservation of individual rights, Constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. Thank you, and hope to see you there.

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