NCGOP Kicks Off April Fools In Style

The NC GOP kicked off April Fools Day in style this year.



There was an accompanying email, which I give a +1 to:

Roy Cooper Announces Campaign For North Carolina Governor
Raleigh, N.C. – Today, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper proudly launched his campaign for governor. The campaign also launched a new website,, where North Carolina voters can go and find out the truth about Roy Cooper.

“I have decided that it’s about time I run for governor because I’ve been attacking Governor McCrory for months, and hey, why not now?” said Roy Cooper. “I just hope the media doesn’t ask me any questions about my record or where I stand on any issues. Especially like how there are some aspects of the law which I will defend, but some aspects of the law I will conveniently not defend when it is politically expedient.”

Cooper’s statewide campaign co-chairs include former governors Bev Perdue and Mike Easley, who Cooper faithfully served in Raleigh since becoming attorney general in 2001. Additionally, two of Roy Cooper’s liberal role models, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, will serve as honorary co-chairs.

Cooper added: “Because Governor McCrory has improved North Carolina’s economy and more than 200,000 jobs have been created, I’ll have to just go on the attack and not talk about the issues. I’ve been running paid political attack ads against the governor for weeks, and am just so shocked that no one has asked me where I stand on anything!”

Cooper’s policy team will be led by Cooper’s friend and liberal college professor Gene Nichols, who compared the governor to notorious segregationists and refuses to apologize. Cooper will continue to ignore calls to disavow Nichols and his racist comments. Chris Fitzsimon, Justin Guillory, NC Policy Watch, the Justice Center and the NC Budget and Tax Center will round out Cooper’s far-left policy team.

Cooper’s political team will be led by the secretive liberal attack organization ProgressNC Action and its executive director, Gerrick Brenner, which for 23 days has refused to release their donors, including their foreign donors. Brenner will be joined by NC NAACP President William Barber. Also joining Cooper’s political team is Ken Eudy, Michael Weisel, Morgan Jackson and Jay Reiff.

“I just really hope people will check out my new website,” said Cooper.

Click here to visit or follow him on Twitter at @roycooperforgov.

For interviews, please contact Ricky Diaz,, (908) 917-6251

This is a parody and not affiliated with Roy Cooper. 

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