Pearson Is Everywhere: Raptor Technologies

Pearson: Always Earning

Pearson: Always Earning

Welcome back to another installment of Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Pearson defending their spying on student via social media and use of a subcontractor to do so.

Today we look at the Pearson relationship with ‘Raptor Technologies‘.


Pearson and Raptor have made sure your school has the best “Best-in-Class Solutions for School Visitor Management Systems Through Integrated Software Solutions”.

Here is what Raptor does, according to their own press release from 2013:

Raptor Technologies is the nation’s leading visitor management system for K-12 schools and protects over 9,500 campuses nationwide. The Raptor system allows schools to screen all visitors to campus against the registered sex offender databases of all 50 states and issue instant sex offender as well as custody alerts. Raptor’s web-based software allows schools to electronically log all individuals entering the campus front office and print high-quality temporary badges for visitors, volunteers, and student tardies.

According to that same press release, the Raptor product was going to be merged with Pearson’s Powerschool:

Integration with leading student information systems such as PowerSchool is important for both efficiency and safety. Our partnership with Pearson demonstrates Raptor’s continued commitment to use technology to help keep our children’s campuses safe and secure. Now, Pearson customers will be able to take advantage of the integration between our two software systems. We are excited to work with Pearson to grow and develop our partnership going forward.”

Punchline: Pearson is now actively trying to sell off Powerschool.


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