Iredell-Statesville Schools Slams A-F Grading In Letter To Parents

The Iredell-Statesville School district sent home a rather stiff letter to parents on the move to the A-F grading system for schools.

Excerpt, emphasis added:

Dear Teachers, Support Staff, Students, Parents, and Community,

February 5th is report card day in North Carolina. The General Assembly has required public schools to release A-F letter grades across our state. The grade is primarily determined by how students perform on standardized tests. As educators, we welcome accountability and transparency, which helps us achieve higher levels of student success. The model embraced by North Carolina falls short of these goals. The North Carolina model is an inaccurate, poorly thought out metric that measures student performance more by poverty and neighborhood, rather than the actual work taking place in our schools. The Corruption of School Accountability When one studies the report card grades, it will be abundantly clear that higher performing A and B schools are located in suburbs with poverty levels below 40%. Mid-performing schools receiving C and D grades will be mostly rural and inner city neighborhoods with poverty levels as high as 70%. The dreaded F grade will be reserved for those schools that have poverty levels in excess of 90%.


Oddly, a letter from the local Chamber of Commerce was also included. Since when is it practice to let a Chamber of Commerce chime in with regards to school-parent communications?
Along with the Chamber letter, a set of talking points from a firm called “Neimand Collaborative“, which appears to be a “social impact marketing” firm.  What did that cost Iredell-Statesville taxpayers?

See the letter here.

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  1. Kirt Landry says:

    Is the letter from that school system incorrect? Is poverty the separator? Both sides a spending a great deal of time justifying their positions but no one seems to be able/interested in proving their point.


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