Civitas Introduces ‘Mapping The Left’

Right leaning think tank, Civitas has unveiled an interesting and useful tool/website: Mapping The Left.  Web address:

After tracking down what seemed to be a never-ending set of spiderweb connections that were exposed along with BlueprintNC’s attack memo, a project like this was bound to come along. And it has. 

Civitas has an introductory article on their site, in which they explain why they started this project. Civitas describes this project as a reaction to the now lampooned claim of a ‘vast right wing conspiracy’, but the numbers tell the true reality (emphasis added):

The accusations stumped us because it was hard to come up with even 10 conservative/libertarian advocacy organizations in North Carolina at the time. In the end, the accusations led us to count the organizations on the Left.

The results were stunning. Our research uncovered a well-funded army of more than 140 organizations involving more than 1,800 people working to enlarge state government and erode our freedoms.


Read the whole introductory piece. The article goes on to illustrate how Mapping The Left works with the example of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and exposing the $62 million Z. Smith has pumped into a network of progressive left non-profits. Civitas lists 7 networks identified so far as BlueprintNC, Democracy NC, Together NC, HKonJ, Moral Monday, Acorn and Z. Smith Reynolds.

Mapping The Left allows the user to search by people, funders, groups and networks. I played with the site a while this morning, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of the connections or you can zoom in and drill down to specific circles.

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