Wake School Board Reassignment and New Device Program

Two blips for the radar for parents and taxpayers in Wake County this week.
1. The Wake County School Board has rejected any changes to their controversial reassignment plan, despite very vocal opposition from residents and parents.  More at News and Observer Ed section. Money quote:

“I’m having problems forcing this change,” said school board member Susan Evans.

Yeah, sure she is.  Flashback to September, 2014:

Susan Evans said she would prefer to reduce overcrowding by encouraging attendance at under-enrolled schools – such as West Cary Middle, which is in central Cary, and East Cary Middle – by giving them special programs or making them magnet schools.

“Once we get past the 2015-2016 school year, nothing is off the table,” she said. “We’ll be looking at all kinds of things in the future.”

Cary gets what Cary wants.

Apex and Holly Springs? You can just suck it up.   It’s only another reassignment on top of the  2013-14 student assignment plan being the third plan in as many years.  Remember citizen, don’t you yell at Susan Evans, she has her own agenda to think about:

“We’re not going to stand here tonight and tell you OK because you yell at us – we’re going to change that,” said board member Sue Evans to the crowd of more than 300 parents.

2. Wake County School Board is instituting a new program with regard to technology devices. Just my opinion here, but parents should be asking to see the privacy policy and network security for Wake Public Schools involved before signing on to this.

“The policy needs to become up to date with reality. The policy needs to put in place appropriate security, needs to put in place appropriate responsibility from the student and appropriate guidance for teachers and administration to make sure the use is constructive and not disruptive,” said Dr. Jim Martin, WCPSS chair of policy committee.”  – Central NC TWC News


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