Modesto Teachers Protest Common Core (Video)

Around 125 teachers showed up to protest the launch of Common Core at a Modesto City Schools board meeting.  Teachers claim they are being penalized if they push back or deviate from the Common Core way.

Sounds familiar.

Excerpt from with emphasis added:

About 125 teachers dressed in black packed the Modesto City Schools board meeting Monday to stand in solidarity, complaining of a disorganized and punitive start to Common Core instruction.

The problems are primarily in elementary, where math materials have arrived late and tests have come full of mistakes, said Dana Filippi, Modesto Teachers Association executive director.

“(Reading and writing) teaching strategies that have been tried and true for years are being squashed,” Filippi said, adding that students are being checked for reading progress too often, at least twice every six to eight weeks.

“All the teachers are out here to say we’ve got a problem,” he said.

Beard Elementary teacher Jennifer McGrath-Oller said she was told to exclusively use a “one-size-fits-all” interactive instructional strategy for which teachers received only one day of training to use. Teachers are being given poor evaluations if they deviate, she said. “An unsatisfactory (rating) is now routinely given for things that used to be conversations with principals,” she said.


Right below this section of the article is a video.

While this teacher says outright she likes the Common Core, listen to what she says about the ‘new Common Core era’ where their input is being ignored and an entirely new, unproven way of teaching is being imposed and is “removing the parent from the process“.

This teacher also says they are being turned into a “data driven district that leaves little room for actual teaching”.


I’ve heard nearly identical complaints from teachers right here in North Carolina.

I’ve also heard how they’ve been warned they need to “go along to get along” when it comes to Common Core. I’ve been told they are worried for their jobs if they talk about the problems.

The question remains, when will NC teachers have enough of this, stand up and speak out?


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