An Update On That CMS Sales Tax Referendum

Over the last month, I’ve been noting the politicking in our schools in part of the state over a sales tax referendum. That referendum didn’t pass.  Color me shocked that no one wanted their taxes increased.

The referendum failed by a 3-2 margin according to the Charlotte Observer. Despite all that noise and fury, voters said ‘No’:

‘No’ votes outnumbered support for the increase by 61 percent to 39 percent with most precincts reporting, a margin that had held steady from the earliest returns. – Charlotte Observer, 11/4/14, Mecklenburg sales tax: Failed by 3-2 margin

WCNC had a breakdown of the proposal:

  • 80% would have gone to pay increases for CMS employees.
  • CPCC would have gotten 7.5%
  • The Arts and Science Council, 7.5%
  • The library system, 5%

80% to pay increase for CMS employees. Note they said employees and not just teachers.

Just a quick reminder, CMS school’s teacher salary supplement for 2013 was one of the largest in the state. See the list of salary supplements for 2013 for yourself.

During that 2013 supplement schedule time frame, there were 10,182 teachers in CMS and 9,668 of them took the supplement pay. The average supplement was $6,376.

During that same time frame, there were 171 principals. All of them took their supplement of which the average was $22,440.

Assistant principals totaled 207 and all of them took the supplement as well. The average supplement for assistant principals was $13,619.

On a related note, the $131,5 million dollar bond in Iredell did pass — despite it’s famous  spokesperson not voting.  Maybe the local superintendent got a boost from Moral Monday at the polls like he did from Reverend Barber near the end of this clip.
Remember: Forward Together, Not One Cent Back!

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