News And Observer Can’t Stop Campaigning For Dems

Another day, ANOTHER News and Observer shill piece.
This one is supposed to look horrifying, look at the scary title!

“A hidden, drastic change in NC school funding”

A lot of the readers are nodding lemmings in the comment section. The main theme being “Evil GOP! Rabble Rabble! War on Education! Yarrrrrr!!!!”

A few saw through the bunk sales job.

Here’s one and it cuts right to the point on why this article is full of crap:

Greg Rogers · Chapel Hill High School

What a piece of nonsense column. It implies there is some change for the process for local districts, when all that is changed is how the legislature will label enrollment growth. It will be part of expansion budget instead of built in to a continuation budget. NOTHING changes for districts. The legislature can reduce budget at any time, whether from expansion items or the continuation. So nothing has changed except political posturing.

The column also lies about the last-minute part. This change was part of the original Senate budget released on May 29th.


    Lady Liberty

    Thank you for posting that, because I was about to.

    This column is written with the express purpose to confuse people and to smear Republicans going into November.

The article wraps up with this sentence and explanation of who wrote it:

The sleight of hand continues.

Helen F. Ladd is professor of Public Policy and Economics at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. Edward B. Fiske, formerly Education Editor of The New York Times, edits the Fiske Guide to Colleges.

Sleight of hand? That’s the authors spinning a fear-mongering headline 4 months late and a lot of dollars and facts short.


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