PAC Handing Out Political Signs In Iredell-Statesville Schools?

The PAC known as Our Schools First, has a Facebook post stating that Bond voting signs will be available at schools in the area. The signs say, “Vote YES! for Our School Bond and the post says ‘each school will have a supply of signs’.

From Facebook:

We have “VOTE YES” signs ready for your yard and business! Each school will have a supply of signs, so contact your PTO to get one. You can also pick one up at Sawyer Insurance (417 East Plaza Dr., Mooresville) between the hours of 9-1 and 2-5:30, Monday through Friday. Thanks for supporting our kids by putting OUR SCHOOLS FIRST!

Handing out political material in schools and by defacto using them as staging platforms again?  I’m getting seriously sick of writing these kinds of articles.

Iredell-Statesville Non-School Materials policy states nothing like this is to be distributed on school grounds without prior permission from the school’s principal. So did the principals of said schools approve it? Parents should ask.

No one, including students or parents, shall distribute,
disseminate or otherwise communicate pamphlets, tracks or
other publications on any school campus, including material that
reflects his/her philosophy, religion, political or other personal
beliefs without the prior approval of the school’s principal.
Parents and students should carefully review board policy #5210.

Read Policy #5210 in full.

Our Schools First used to be called MIM Schools First. They are run by a man named Frank Rader.  Rader is a former town commissioner for Mooresville. He should know better than to be distributing signs like this in our schools, but instead seems ironically oblivious:

“Job one in a democracy is mass education,” said former Mooresville town commissioner Frank Rader, an organizer of the PAC. “I think we lost sight of that.” – Mooresville Tribune


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