Advancing NH’s Public Education And Dishonesty

Well, the tide is turning on Common Core. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Demonizing the public, parents, teachers and kids to advance the Core has backfired big time. The PR/messaging behemoth behind Common Core needs a new line of attack.

It looks like the focus is now going after the experts who dared call out the flaws in the Core. At least for one New Hampshire guy.


This is a bit ironic since prior to now, the powers that be behind the Core were doing their best to wipe out evidence of the Validation committee dissenters.

Advancing New Hampshire’s Public Education (ANHPE) has an article titled James Milgram’s dishonest critique of the Common Core math standards apparently written by Bill Duncan. Mr. Duncan goes after Dr. Milgram claiming the examples Milgram used in the Pioneer White Paper  from 2010 called ‘Fair To Midling’ are flawed because… well, Duncan’s entire premise rests on the idea Milgram only used a portion of the standards and not the whole thing. This is a White Paper, Mr. Duncan.  That comparison is called an example and is commonly used to represent a larger body of information because the rest is largely more of the same.


Let’s talk about dishonesty.

Dr. Milgram is a Mathematician.
Dr. Milgram is also a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and is extremely well-known and respected.  He was on the validation committee for Common Core and  — clearly, someone thought he knew his stuff. For the love of Pete, his bio is on the NASA website.

Milgram’s out there for the world to see. Mr. Duncan? Not so much.

Government here to help common core

Bill Duncan is an activist business man and Common Core true believer.
Let me introduce you.
There isn’t much about Mr. Duncan on the ANHPE site. The bio there just confirms what one might suspect – business guy/activist. No education background, instead software?

His Twitter account is as one would expect –  littered with Pro-Core tweets. Profile is fun, “Retired software entrepreneur, granddad, political activist, education advocate.

He started ANHPE as an offshoot of Defending New Hampshire Public Education (DNHPE). Both look to have been started in or around 2011. The DNHPE ‘about’ is very activist-ish, the overall theme of it seems to be anti-voucher/school choice and the site as a whole is hard to navigate.

Mr. Duncan’s emphasis on STEM being supported by the Common Core is misguided, but it’s another chance to attack Dr. Milgram – so Duncan does.

Bill Duncan’s commenting icon when you click it takes you to ““, yet he slams NC’s Anthony Bruno in the comments for pointing out the purpose of his own hit piece, which is politically tied.

Mr. Duncan was not a popular pick for Board of Education this past Spring due to his lawsuit and squeaked on in a 3-2 vote down party lines.  New Hampshire residents can thank the Governor for his “rigorous” nomination. What made him a good pick is anyone’s guess, but the voters weren’t the ones to do it.

A little bit more on Bill Duncan and that lawsuit:

Oh my.
Bill Duncan is all about education advocacy, but parents — don’t you dare try to find options beyond public school. Tsk, Tsk.

I left the following comment on the ANHPE article (below), feel free to go leave your own. By the way, I spoke too soon in this comment. Duncan has already gone after Stotsky.

“Milgram uses a willful misreading of the Common Core standards to say that California’s pre-Common Core standards for kindergarten math were better. “

Right there, you lost anyone who knows that CA’s math was probably some of the best, if not THE best, in the nation. They were more robust than the Common Core

Yes, Milgram was right — they are placing a stress more on reading than on actual math.

What I find interesting is the author accuses Dr. Milgram of ‘dishonesty’ for allegedly “cherry picking”, yet “cherry picking” is what the author has done here to Milgram’s paper.

What this article amounts to is an attempt to chip at the flaws in Common Core math by attacking the one mathematician on the validation committee who dared to speak up. It’s s shift from attacking the parents to attacking their source of information. I can barely wait to see how the author takes down Sandra Stotsky.

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