Common Core Architect Coleman’s Apoloattack

Politico has a little snippet up about David Coleman.  In it Coleman is caught repeating the new talking point: Don’t attack the critics.

Coleman then turns around and attacks the critics in the last section of the Politico snippet while seemingly supporting their concerns.  Amazing.  Yeah, those data concerns… totally loony?

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Relevant portion of the Politico piece:

DAVID COLEMAN: ‘DON’T CALL THEM CRAZIES’: Jane Williams of Bloomberg EDU recently talked with one of the key architects of the Common Core, David Coleman, who now serves as president and CEO of the College Board. A big takeaway: Don’t dismiss critics of the standards. “I think then we make a great mistake by caricaturing the opponents of the standards as crazies or people who don’t tell the truth,” he said. He later added: “We will lose, and we’ll lose things of great importance, if we dismiss this as an extremist position.”

Coleman didn’t want to spend a lot of time defending the development of the standards, which he said the idea of which had been around for many years, since long before the Obama administration. But he did note that they were developed collaboratively. “I read through hundreds of pages of state feedback month after month. The notion that states were not involved is sadly not the state of my life during those years,” he said.

He said he doesn’t dismiss about concerns about federal overreach when it comes to the Common Core, though he didn’t comment specifically on whether there has been too much federal involvement in advancing the standards. “One thing at this political moment to begin to do is to realize while some facts are right or wrong, people are rightly concerned about certain things and to honor that and try to work with them,” he said.

In that vein, Coleman said the data privacy concerns that have become associated with the standards aren’t irrational. “You could call that paranoid but have you read the newspaper lately about what’s going on with data in this country?” he asked. Take a listen: .

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