“Jobs For Voting Rights”

Update: Welcome Carolina Plott Hound Readers!

Make $4,200 to $7k college students! Call Andy!  Line up and join the Moral Monday crowd!  Activist Summer Jobs!   Good grief.

As seen on Craigslist, brought to you by “GrassRoots Campaigns” on “behalf of the ACLU” :

 “Grassroots Campaigns ran nationwide voter mobilization effort in 2012 to re-elect President Obama and help other Democratic candidates get into office. Most work was done in Colorado and Nevada, with additional projects in Montana, Oregon and Minnesota. We also sent teams of our staff to 10 states to run GOTV efforts for progressive candidates throughout the country.

Following the 2012 election Grassroots shifted its focus back to the ongoing base-building and fundraising operation, which has continued to expand. Currently Grassroots Campaigns operates 25 offices, including new expansion offices in Durham, New Orleans and Albuquerque.

Since the election, we have continued to hold our elected officials accountable to progressive ideas, such as equality, the environment, international development and reproductive healthcare.”

You can also be a canvas director for 24k.

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