Why Opposition To Common Core Is Winning

Over at Instapundit, he has a link up to a Reason.com article:

JUNE 26, 2014

K-12 IMPLOSION UPDATE: The Populist Uprising Against Common Core Is Libertarian and It’s Winning.

I left a comment on the Instapundit link that hits on an indicator showing we’re winning which reads:

The fight is really not right or left, but right down the middle. I’ve been in this fight almost two years now in NC — I’ve seen every walk of life & political ideology there is fighting Common Core. 
The article is right. We are winning. The indication of that is that supporters are now resorting to passive-aggressively calling Opposition to Common Core racist.
The new talking point is: If you oppose Common Core, you oppose this White House and President. 

See how that works? By hinting opposition somehow is based in not liking the President instead of the myriad of actual complaints about the Common Core, the supporters get to imply we’re racists and thereby marginalize anything we have to say. 

The supporters aren’t outright calling us racists – yet. They can’t because they know that opposition is coming from all sides on this and is mainly parents and teachers. How do you call parents and teachers racists? Very carefully.

The Reason article has several bits to it that emphasize why Common Core is receiving the monumental pushback that it is. Here are two sections of the article and they get to the heart of it. Emphasis is mine.

Since then, the American people have had ample time to learn about Common Core—and the more they hear, the less they like it.

Fierce opposition to the standards is remarkably nonpartisan. Both conservative grassroots organizations and teachers unions are urging state legislatures to resist Core implementation. Thousands of parents and teachers have shown up to town hall meetings to demand that their school boards don’t hand over curriculum sovereignty to regional or federal education authorities.


People are unconvinced. While polling on Common Core varies wildly depending on how the questions are phrased, a recent poll release by pro-Core group Achieve, Inc. found that people who reported knowing something about the standards gave them an unfavorable review. Achieve, Inc. blamed Core “opponents who in the past year have made their opposition known through all media outlets, leaving a more negative ‘impression’ among voters.”

The opponents are winning, and if Jindal’s flip flop is any indication, the momentum seems to be shifting against Common Core. Libertarians should see this as a triumph.

Indeed, the populist uprising against Common Core is undeniably libertarian. It recognizes that there is no one answer to fixing education in America. It understands that a new wave of fancy government-enforced solutions is likely to fall short of solving anything. Instead, government needs to get out of the way, stop trapping kids in failing public schools based on where they were born, and stop using them as conscripted labor for standardized testing companies. Efforts that empower parents to fix their own local schools will always be more successful than cumbersome national initiatives.

Reason.com is a Libertarian site, so hence we get the triumph lines above. I don’t view this only as a Libertarian triumph. Yes, there is a Libertarian flavor to it. The current climate in our country is making Libertarian coverts everyday, but I view this more as a parent triumph. I also view this opposition as a long overdue return to parents engaging in the education process coupled with a rejection of outside influences dictating what happens with their children.

bill-gatesThe one piece Reason doesn’t really drive home strongly enough, in my opinion, is the private dollars that flowed into state and federal agencies and into non-profit coffers that made Common Core happen.

In essence, a few people bought education in America. Regardless of their intentions, that’s a frightening reality and it worked for a short time. Now that same few people are using more money to silence those of us who figured it out, but that’s not really working out for them. This time.


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