Olde Providence Elem. Questionable Signage Continues

Earlier in May, a couple of parents wrote to me from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. They send me images of the sign out in front of their children’s elementary school. The sign was a message about the ranking of NC in the area of teacher pay (image to the left).  There were also fliers distributed that went home with the students. Read:  Teacher Pay Flier, Signage At A CMS Elementary


The school was Olde Providence Elementary and it has happened again. Another teacher complaint on their main school entry sign and another set of fliers. Nice color printed fliers at that.

Ignoring the missing and misplaced punctuation, the sign now reads: “Did You Know? Avg CMS Counselors serve 750 students Recommended: 250”

Unclear what point was being made there. Too little staff for too many kids means hiring more staff and reducing the chance of an increase for the others. Rock and a hard place.

Again, one has to ask if is this really appropriate use of the sign? How about we ask them to put up something like: “Common Core will cost NC an est. $642 million over the next 5 years. Raises shmaises!”  Would that be ok?

There were two fliers. One about how to support the CMS budget recommendation at the NCGA and the other is a copy of the highlights of the CMS Superintendent’s recommendations. Nice looking fliers. Wonder who paid for that. Hope it wasn’t the teachers. I suspect they were likely from MeckActs.



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