Granville School Officials Get Raises; No Board Approval

Top earners got bigger share of the education dollar pie in Granville County without the approval of the board education too, it seems. Either they have really fuzzy memories in Granville or their board needs a serious look at. What a mess.

 — An audit released Friday found that Granville County school leaders, including the superintendent and associate superintendent, received large pay raises and contract extensions without the approval of the Board of Education. 

“Most board members expressed that they were surprised to learn the details” of the contracts, according to Jill Wilson, an attorney with Brooks Pierce in Greensboro, who was hired by the school board to do the audit.  

In several instances, the contracts noted that the board “voted unanimously” to approve pay hikes and other changes, but the auditor found that there was “absolutely no evidence” in the board’s meeting minutes or from board members’ recollections that the votes ever occurred.
WRAL 5/16/14

I’m sure we’ll hear about this from the teachers with complaints about their pay scales right? Maybe the NCAE? Moral Monday?  *Crickets*
A couple of the findings from the audit:

Wilson found that Superintendent Tim Farley “is the second highest paid superintendent in the state with less than 25,000 students.” She also found that Associate Superintendent Allan Jordan received a “‘cost of living allowance’ and a large raise that was applied retroactively even though the fiscal year was over.” – WRAL 5/16/14

Farley’s contract was not due to be revised until 2017.  Farley’s last known salary from the contract is $211, 162 for a student population of 8,559.
The Associate Superintendent, Allan Jordan really got a nice raise according to WRAL. From 2007 to 2012, he went from $92,000 to $172,000.


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3 Responses to Granville School Officials Get Raises; No Board Approval

  1. Larry says:

    You seem to think the NCAE supports these two thieves. They do not. I know both of these men. They’re both Republicans. Although, that’s not the issue here, but you seem to suggest otherwise.


  2. anonymous says:

    Why aren’t charges being filed for “missuse of public funds”? It speaks volumes when the former Atty. for the BOE Jim Cross was quoted as saying he was resigning b/c of the stress of the audit process was having an effect on his well-being. Well I guess it was!! Will charges be brought against was seems like an open & shut case?


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