This Is What Democrazy Looks Like: May Day Edition

This Is What Democrazy Looks Like

Cleveland Occupiers Arrested for Bomb Plot (Via MoonBatTracker)


This is a special edition of Democrazy to recap the May Day (or as I call it Meh Day) activities of the “mostly peaceful” occupiers. It may be updated (highly likely) after publishing as I come across more to add or links are sent to me, so check back.

Prior Posts from me on Meh Day:

Arrests:  As of 5-2-12 =

  • Click HERE for approximate current count listed in @occupyarrests profile on Twitter.
  • Click HERE for Occupy Arrests Website total (usually more accurate).

A run down of the day’s activities in a loose chronological order:

Twitchy was a huge help in keeping up with the events and especially images:

More Photos: Lawyers chasing occupy clients, McDonalds shut down, Bahrain Protests, NYC protester being arrested and damage to the Seattle Courthouse. More from Seattle at Twitchy here, be warned – disturbing at points and KIDS were there. Yes, little kids.

Links with Video:

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