Boeheim Was Right

When allegations resurfaced against Bernie Fine, Jim Boeheim initially had this to say:

“You know how much money is going to be involved in civil suits?” Boeheim said. “I’d say about $50 million. That’s what this is about. Money.”

He was right. It is about money. How do I know that?

Enter everyone’s favorite Victim Chaser, Gloria Allred, will be representing them.

From the Daily Caller: Source: Men to sue Syracuse, Boeheim

“Two men who say they were sexually abused by a former assistant basketball coach at Syracuse University plan to sue the school and head basketball coach Jim Boeheim, a source told ESPN’s Outside the Lines on Tuesday.

The source told OTL that a defamation suit is scheduled to be filed by Bobby Davis and Mike Lang naming Syracuse and Boeheim among the defendants. Davis and Lang accused Syracuse associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine of molesting them during the 1980s and ’90s. They made the accusations in interviews with OTL in November.”

Now, why would Allred just stop with the first two alleged victims? Maybe because as I wrote in November, the third accuser’s story is full of more holes than a slice of Swiss. Syracuse District Attorney, William Fitzpatrick, has recently had to admit the third accuser, Zach Tomaselli, has problems with his story:

“But when asked by one of the questioners if there was evidence of a bus traveling from Syracuse to Pittsburgh as Tomaselli claims in his allegations, Fitzpatrick replied, “We found no evidence to indicate that.”

I noticed that the ESPN article I linked to above doesn’t mention that glaring hole in Tomaselli’s story. Once again, ESPN showing why they should stick to sports scores. Hey, after all, they did get it right that Syracuse is now ranked #1 in the nation as of week 6.

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