Hurricane Dorian is gone, however, he left in his wake unprecedented devastation to the Bahamas, and catastrophic flooding in North Carolina.  Though updates are no longer needed, I’m including in this final post information on how to help the Bahamians and their struggles to recover.

In the mean time, I’m creating a separate site for future Hurricanes that hit the coastal United States. It will include evacuation lists, emergency numbers, shelters, flooding maps, social media accounts to follow for info, up to date weather, Govt links, news, live feeds, local emergency bulletins, maps, rescue and relief efforts, and information from others in the areas affected.  Stay prepared, Stay safe

Recovery efforts to help the Bahamas.

From Forbes:

Donating to established groups is the immediate way to help, and giving money is the most effective support. Here are some links:

It is important to always be prepared if a natural disaster strike, so I am leaving key information on this blog post for future reference. 


DOCUMENTS TO TAKE If you must evacuate:


♦ Emergency phone numbers
♦ Copies of important prescriptions:
♦ Copies of children’s immunization records.
♦ Copies of health, dental, and/or prescription insurance cards or numbers.
♦ Copies of auto, flood, renter’s, homeowner’s insurance policies, policy numbers
♦ Insurance company telephone numbers, local agent and company headquarters.
♦ Social Security • Credit card
♦ Bank account • Driver’s license
♦ Birth, death, adoption, and marriage certificates.
♦ Passports and other identity documents.
♦ Emergency supply kit (Build a kit from Ready.gov)
♦ Supplies for pets (supply information)

Place papers in sealed, waterproof plastic bags.  Store in a durable, sealed box.  Grab box and take with you.

If you chose to not evacuate, or you are not in a mandatory evacuation area, the following survival guide may be useful.

  • *If you choose to not evacuate.  DO NOT GO INTO THE ATTIC unless absolutely necessary.  If you do have an ax or something else to cut into roof.  You cant be rescued if they cant see you

The following was sent to Liberty Speaks email…This is also a good list to have.

  •   More toilet paper than you think you can possibly use.  Store it on a high shelf.  It’s no good pre-wet.
  •   Cleaning rags (old towels or old clothes, etc).  You can wash and reuse them for cleanup, which you cannot do with paper towels.
  •  Bleach for disinfecting everything.  Liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite) loses half its strength in a year and in about 3 years is totally ineffective.  The best thing to buy is CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE at pool supply stores.  It’s in powder form, so you mix it as you need it.  This is called Pool Shock, but there are several chems used for that, so read the label.  You can disinfect water to drink.  Read online now for the formula to do that.
  •  Rubber gloves.   If you have any flooding, sewage will be present.  If any water damage, mold is possible.
  •  Heavy work gloves to protect you from nails, etc.
  •  Drinking water (tap water) stored in 2-liter soda bottles.  Cheapest way.
  •  CANNED fruits and veggies.  They won’t spoil or need prep.
  •  Ziploc bags for storing things.  Gallon size.  Keep your cell phone in one. Inflate one for a pillow.
  •  Waterproof matches (camping section of any sporting goods store, Walmart.  You can even make your own.)
  •  REALLY good mechanical can opener.  Get TWO of them.  My son in law and I took the boys to SC to see the eclipse and our one can opener broke.
  •  Knife and scissors.
  •  Rain gear and hats
  •  Notebook and pens.  You may be surprised how much you will need to write down.
  •  MAPS.  US and State atlases at a minimum.  If one road is blocked, you can look for others.
  •  Sharpie pens.  If you have to stay at a shelter, you will want to write your name on EVERYTHING.
  •  Sleeping bags if at all possible.
  •  Guns and ammo.  There are plenty bottom-feeders out there who prey on people who evacuate or have been hit by a hurricane.
  •  Something to pee in.  People who evacuate can be stuck in traffic for hours and hours, taking 16 hours to go a distance usually traveled in 2.




Goodbye Dorian

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