How about training teachers to not rape their students?

A San Francisco area school district is implementing sexual harassment training.
It’s not for the teachers, it’s for the students.

No, this isn’t a joke. We have a national epidemic of teachers – many of them female – raping their students but this sexual harassment training will be given to the students.

MARIN COUNTY (KPIX 5) — In the era of #MeToo, a North Bay school district is taking action after getting complaints from teachers about being sexually harassed, not by their co-workers, but by their students.

Schools in the Tamalpais Union High School District in Marin County are requiring students to take sexual harassment training starting in April. The change comes after teachers came forward with their stories.

Where is the #MeToo for the children raped, sexually assaulted, shown porn, sexted to, or are being groomed for a sexual relationship by their teacher?  Go Google “teacher arrested” but prepare your gag reflex for the massive number of results that come back.   Try “Sex with a Student” and look at the images that come back – nearly all female.

Teachers, in particular, a growing number of women teachers, have a rape problem.

There’s a video with the above article. In that video, teacher Jessica Crabtree of Redwood High compares male students to Harvey Weinstein.

“When we look at how the Harvey Weinsteins are made…We’re making them!” Crabtree nearly yelled in a shaking voice.

Really? Who is the adult in the room? YOU ARE.

What would make these students think it’s ok to engage in the alleged sexual harassment going on in this district?  Maybe it’s the non-stop flow of reports of teachers nationwide who are sleeping with their students, showing them porn and having inappropriate sexual relationships with minors.

Classroom - This Is Not A Dating Site - quiet epidemicDear Teachers,

Your classroom is NOT a dating site.

It’s not a bar or any other place you might go to seek a sexual partner.

Stop. Raping. Your. Students.

Call me a skeptic though on widespread sexual harassment by male students given the mental beat down boys have suffered in our society over the last decade. My gut tells me that this is one or two students, but now all students must be ‘trained’.

The flip side of that is that the Obama policies like the one that kept Nikolas Cruz from being arrested are in effect in this district, meaning that even if a student is actually being sexually aggressive, there is no recourse other than ‘restorative justice’ or in-school suspensions.

California has its share of rapist teachers just in 2018 alone:

And here’s some from 2017:

This trend, which I have dubbed the Quiet Epidemic, has been something I have chronicled for years. No one is doing anything about it.

The media reports these stories like the weather or worse, media outlets sensationalize them. Media sensationalizes female teacher stories in a manner that glorifies teacher’s actions when in fact, they have often just raped a child.

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