Female. Republican. Millennial. She’s a triple threat. [Video]

Social media is a beautiful thing sometimes. Case in point, I spotted a fantastic video by Louisiana State Representative Julie Emerson.

Female. Republican. Millennial. She’s a triple threat.

“Almost 70% of millennials identify with the Democrats – and many of them think they are ‘socialists.’ Socialism isn’t outside the box, it IS the box,” wrote Emerson on her Facebook page accompanying the video.

Her messaging is strong. NC candidates, you should be taking notes.


A few things worth noting about Ms. Emerson:

Emerson is only 29 years old and is the youngest member of the Louisiana legislature.

She was 27 when she challenged the Louisiana Democrat’s poster boy, Rep. Stephen Ortego (D-Carencro), for the District 39 seat. She beat him 51% to 49%.


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  1. Suzanne Riley says:

    Is the millennial girl saying she’s a socialist?
    Not clear on where she stands.

    Suzanne Riley


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