NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall Granted Notary Public Commissions to Illegal Aliens

Representative Chris Millis (R-17) has leveled serious charges the North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, which include granting over 250 notary public commissions to illegal aliens.

Elaine Marshall - YouTube Screen Capture

Elaine Marshall – YouTube Screen Capture

In a blog post on his House website, Millis laid out the various charges. One of the claims is that Secretary of State Elaine Marshall was in violation of state and federal law by apparently routinely accepted “DACA cards” in lieu of a green card as proof of legal residency.

A DACA card is only a temporary means for obtaining employment and is not a valid method to prove legal immigration status.

The posting on Millis’ House website stated that there were over 320 cases, including one notary issued to an illegal alien has a final deportation order against them:

“Among the over 320 persons illegally commissioned as notaries, a number of identification documents included DACA Driver Licenses, DACA Decision Approval Notices from Homeland Security, DACA Employment Authorization Approval Notices from Homeland Security, Mexican National Passports, and a NAFTA work/travel visa,” continued Millis. “In fact, one notary commissioned by the Secretary was “an alien against whom a final order of deportation or removal exists.

“None of these 320+ notaries reside legally in the United States, as our North Carolina Notary Law requires,” continued Millis. “Nor do they meet the requirements set forth on the application to become a notary, published by the Secretary of State’s office.”

Millis noted that these notaries would have purview over absentee ballots:

“Notaries public are ministerial officers of North Carolina government who are authorized to certify various transactions and documents, such as deeds of trust, wills, powers of attorney, and absentee ballots.”

“In this era of heightened sensitivity to voter fraud, election interference, and tension over immigration policy, it is especially troubling that the Secretary has commissioned more than 320 alien notaries who can single-handedly validate absentee ballots…including a notary the Secretary commissioned who is slated for final deportation.”

Embedded in Millis’ statement is a link to the letter sent to Secretary of State Marshall which went into great details of the number and severity of the Secretary of State’s actions.

  • 350 DACA cards (EAC marked Category 33) were accepted in lieu of Green Cards
  • More than 100 other EAC cards were accepted in lieu of Green Cards
  • More than 250 illegal aliens were granted notary public commissions
  • An additional 72 aliens of various immigration status were granted commissions of notaries public

Some of the identification that was submitted with the public notary commission files Millis reviewed included:

  • 72 DACA drivers licenses
  • 2 DACA Decision Approval Notices from the Dept. of Homeland Security
  • 3 Mexican national passports; one with NAFTA work/travel visa
  • 1 EAC with code C18, indicating the illegal alien either has a final deportation notice on them or they require approved supervision

Millis also made the charge Secretary of State Elaine Marshall arguably lied about this issue during a televised debate in October of 2016 and misled the General Assembly in a presentation she gave to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government last December.

Rep. Millis is quoted in the statement saying that “I have made it clear that if the Secretary chooses not to resign, I will proceed with all legislative actions, including a resolution of impeachment.”

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