NC Orange County GOP Office Firebombed [Photos]

A GOP office in Orange county, North Carolina was firebombed sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning. On the side of the building, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” was written in spray paint.


The building at 347 Ja-Max Drive was hit with graffiti and “flammable material” was thrown through a window starting a fire inside, police said in an email.

Graffiti that said “Nazi Republicans leave town or else” was spray painted in black paint on the side of a building next to the Republican headquarters, according to police.

That graffiti, which was also at 353 Ja-Max Drive, included a swastika and was discovered before 9 a.m. by a nearby business owner, officials said.

“The flammable substance appears to have ignited inside the building, burned some furniture and damaged the building’s interior before going out,” police said. “The substance was… in a bottle thrown through one of the building’s front windows.”


The NC GOP’s Executive Director, Dallas Woodhouse, issued the following statement:

“Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, all Americans should be outraged by this hate-filled and violent attack against our democracy. Whether the bomb was meant to kill, destroy property, or intimidate voters, everyone in this country should be free to express their political viewpoints without fear for their own safety. We will be requesting additional security at all Republican Party offices and events between now and Election Day to ensure the safety of our activists, volunteers, and supporters. We will not be deterred by this hate crime.”

Luckily, no one was injured.

Know something about this? REPORT IT.

  • Contact Investigator Jon Purvis by email or by phone: 919-732-9381, ext. 37.
  • Anonymous tips can be made via the town’s website
  • Call the Hillsborough Police tip line: 919-732-3975.

Here are some of the photos that were released:

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4 Responses to NC Orange County GOP Office Firebombed [Photos]


  2. Kathy says:

    Notice that Hillary’s campaign tweeted that they were “glad nobody was hurt.”

    She DID NOT CONDEMN this heinous action! By not condemning it, she is encouraging it. Similarly, she doesn’t condemn her supporters’ beating up Trump supporters who are exercising their Constitutional rights to go to Trump speeches. Likewise, she doesn’t condemn voter fraud on her behalf.


  3. jdlredskin says:

    Clearly another “lone wolf” attack by an American that has been “radicalized” that doesn’t represent the party of peace.


  4. Kim says:

    Thank God no one was hurt.

    Luckily we have Roy Cooper and his acolyte Chuck Blackwood on the case. Wait — just kidding. I will bet money on it that this case will not be solved until after the election. This is what the Left does best — destroy, deflect, silence and collude. A harbinger of things to come.


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