App on Student Devices used to store Inappropriate Photos from NC Teacher

The push for more technology in the classroom and the idea of one device for every student is all the rage in Education circles right now.

One-term NC Governor Bev Perdue has her sticky fingers all over it.

As recently reported by this site, former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, who co-founded the organization DigiLearn, recently gave an interview to EducationNC in which she raved about technology in the classroom.

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In the interview, Perdue was quoted as saying “[Digital learning] totally can wipe away the divide that’s existed in education and training for all of our lives.”

Well, now there’s a new divide. One that’s been erected by the technology and the ‘every student gets a device’ wave.

Want to hide inappropriate images your teacher sent you? There’s an app for that.

WXII reported; emphasis added

A Davie County middle school teacher has resigned while deputies investigate allegations of inappropriate photos being sent to students.

Shannon Wood resigned August 30 from William Ellis Middle School, Davie County Schools officials said Tuesday. She formerly taught physical education at the school.

No charges have been filed. Davie County deputies said Tuesday that they will discuss possible charges with the district attorney after the investigation ends.

What the hellDeputies said they received a report on August 26 that alleged a female teacher sent inappropriate photos to male students. Deputies said in a statement that they have determined inappropriate photos were “spread by persons sharing with other persons.”

Davie County Superintendent Darrin Harness said in a statement that, during the course of the investigation, “some students had an app on their technology device disguised as a calculator that was actually a storage file for photographs. We are asking parents to be aware of what is stored on, and to monitor, their child’s technology devices.”

Journal Now has reported that all the parents with children at the school have been notified and that law enforcement suggested they examine any devices their child might be using.

In 2011, another teacher from Davie County was sentenced to 30 years on “federal charges of possessing, transporting and producing child pornography.”

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