Judge Merrick Garland: UBL Images and Benghazi Video Excuse

Since President Obama still has a “laundry list” of legacy issues for the remainder of his term, we are compiling our own laundry list of information on SCOTUS nominee Judge Merrick Garland of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

We have created a Laundry list of our own on Judge Garland:

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Judicial Watch, using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), petitioned the US Department of Defense to release postmortem images of Usama Bin Laden after being killed by our US SEAL Team 6.

Ultimately, after the DOD and Judicial Watch went to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in January of 2013, it was decided the photos would not be released to the public.

The reasoning for not releasing the “death” photos was they could create recruiting propaganda to be used by Al Qaeda, inflame Muslims around the world causing further tension and possible violence to our Military and risk our national security.

Judge Merrick Garland was on that panel.

He made the claim that releasing the images “could result in death, not just release of secret information, but death,” (from the transcript of the January 10. 2013 panel)

“And we do know of examples where in this country we would think that the release of certain things would not have lead to this, and yet there were, not very long ago a video was released that did lead to death of an American ambassador, of other people, of riots in other cities, when the Government tells us that this is likely to lead to death isn’t that even more, something we should defer to even more than when they say well, this is going to lead to, you know, the release of some secret information?”


These statements from Garland were made months after it was proven that the Benghazi attack WAS NOT the result of a video, but a planned and coordinated one.

Merrick Garland appeared to mimic a narrative coming out of the White house and Hillary Clinton’s State Department that was patently false.

The question must be asked why Judge Garland Merrick would invoke this failed narrative that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kept pushing?

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