Was Moore County Schools Conducting a Lois Lerner Style Inquiry?

A lot of interesting things come into my inbox. I can’t write about all of them but this one needed some eyeballs.

Apparently, in March of 2015, a letter was sent from staff board attorney Neal Ramee  to Superintendent Grimesey. The topic of this letter was religious prayer in schools, specifically the laws governing participation by staff or coaches in religious activities.

Along with the letter was a survey titled “Staff Prayer Questionnaire”.  This questionnaire has three sections with a main question and dozens of sub-questions in each section.

The first main question is, “Have you ever participated in or seen any prayers at any MCS athletic practices games or events?”.

Sub-questions included, when did it occur, where, for how long and then asks for the survey respondent to get specific:

  • “Which students participated in the prayer? (Be as specific as possible.)”
  • “Which employees participated in the prayer? (Be as specific as possible.)”
  • “What was the content of the prayer? – i.e., what exactly was said?”

Gee, asking about the content of prayers? Channeling our inner Lois Lerner, are we Moore county schools?

This is the number for  Alliance Defending Freedom: 1-800-835-5233
I’m posting it just in case any teachers/coaches out there feel their religious freedom is being threatened.

View the survey and letter here:

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  4. Kathy says:

    They didn’t ask to which deity the prayer was addressed? Oh, yeah, there is only one deity anybody ever objects to. If you’re praying to Allah, you can have time off and a prayer room built for you. If anybody questions that, we call them Islamophobes. If you pray quietly to God, you are fired, hounded, or sued.


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