Minuteman Independence Watch Series

Hello fellow patriots!  You may remember I wrote about a very special collaboration between an American watch company and a Patriot Hacker.  I would like to announce that the Minuteman Watch Company who brought you the Special Edition JΞSTΞR ✪ Watch is presenting their new Independence Series Collection.   Here’s a head’s up on their new project and collaboration:

This model has been designed by Chris Wiegand owner of Wiegand Custom Watches LLC and Lum-Tec watch company.  Each Minuteman Independence model will be proudly assembled in Mentor Ohio USA by Wiegand Custom watch company.  Our rugged watches are built to stand the test of time and feature a 5 year limited warranty and free lifetime battery replacement.

independence watch

The Minuteman Watch Company is American owned and each watch is built in the US with 25% of their net annual sales going to charities that help out our Veterans and their families.

Once again, I encourage all patriots, watch collectors and supporters of our Military, our Veterans and their families to go to Minuteman Watches and checkout the newest “wrist porn” this wonderful company is going to produce.  A discounted Pre-sale of this watch is going on right now for the next 90 days, and for the price you cant beat it.  For more information on this fantastic company check out their backstory. Be sure to also follow Minuteman on Twitter.


*An update on the JΞSTΞR ✪ Watch for all you patriots.  Jester announced this on his Twitter account:


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