How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!

Hacktivists are an interesting brand.  They have websites, personal logo’s, unique followers, and are scattered across many social media platforms.  Some use their skills for nefarious reasons, however, a select few go after those hell bent on doing harm.  They’re “Patriot Hacktivists” and one was the first to take up this mission.  Six years ago he became a one man wrecking ball against Jihadist websites & other online entities aiding and abetting enemies of the US.  Many know him in cyberspace as The Jester.  However, there’s a new “first” in the hacker community and it’s quite a patriotic collaboration.

Yep, that’s right, a very special edition  JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL watch is being released by Minuteman Watches.

Jester-Watch-for-website-1024x948The Minuteman Watch Company is American owned and each watch is built in the US with 25% of profits going to charities that help out our Veterans and their families.  Here is the backstory on the company:

We would like to tell you why we created Minuteman. Speaking as the owner of Minuteman my father is a disabled Vietnam vet. This has brought my father & I into contact with many other veterans over the years. Some have gone to have great success after their military service. However, many do struggle greatly after their service. Suffering life long physical & mental issues connected with their service. This inspired us to create Minuteman.

We came to the realization that there are charities which do great work in helping our veterans. These charities need funding to allow them to continue the great work which they do. So we created Minuteman to help provide these great charities with much needed funding. In addition we believe in sourcing product and services in the United States when we can. Lastly, we believe in offering a quality product that will stand the test of time.

25% of the profits from each Minuteman product we sell goes to charities that assist veterans and their families. Our watches are built and tested in the United States by highly skilled American workers. In the future we plan to expand our efforts by offering other types of American made products. Therefore we ask that you help us in our efforts with the purchase of a Minuteman product.

Thomas Carey
Owner Minuteman Watch Co.

To make a long story short, Jester appreciated and respected the Minuteman brand and how they help out our veterans. He tweeted this to his 68,000 followers regarding the company & their product

He liked what they were doing and Minuteman liked what he’d been doing.  Days later another tweet went out

The positive interest for this watch was nothing short of overwhelming, so the Special Edition JΞSTΞR ✪ Watch was born and 25% of the profits of each watch sold will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

I encourage all patriots, watch collectors and supporters of our Military, our Veterans and their families to go to Minuteman Watches and checkout the newest patriotic “wrist porn” this wonderful company is going to produce.  For the price you cant beat it, but be quick, only a limited amount will be made.  Be sure to also follow Minuteman on Twitter.

*Jester also has a product line called JΞSTΞRGΞAR and 10% of all net profits go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  Be sure to check out his store as well.  As J often says, “Stay Frosty”.

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4 Responses to How Does a Patriot Hacker Tell Time? Check this out!

  1. Hard not to like and respect Jester.. Few months ago Jester tweeted he’d just mitigated an attack on his website.. “Hit it out of the park” in his words..

    He simply pointed his server at another IP address, The IP he picked just happened to belong to Israeli Intelligence– Mossad.. As soon as he tweeted out the attackers were now attacking Mossad, the attack stopped.

    Fairly simple for anyone with their own server, but I’d have never thought of it..

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  2. 003Percent says:

    Proud to support such a good cause; God bless our Wounded Warriors.

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