GUEST POST: Phoolish Pharma Phunded Phaux Health Crisis Leads to Phascism

GUEST POST ICONFrom the LL1885 Mailbag…

A reader wished to submit the following column regarding Sen. Tarte’s controversial vaccination bill (SB346) as a guest post and as an open letter to North Carolina parents.


Phoolish Pharma Phunded Phaux Health Crisis Leads to Phascism

Fascism is a religious conception….Whoever has seen in the religious politics of the Fascist regime nothing but mere opportunism has not understood that Fascism besides being a system of government is also, and above all, a system of thought.”
— former Italian dictator 
Benito Mussolini, (1932)

There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”
— The Bible, 
Proverbs 6:1

Dear NC Parents:

In March three NC state senators introduced Senate Bill 346 (SB 346) to significantly increase the number of vaccinations mandated by the state for school children and to remove the parental religious exemption from state immunization law.

Current state law requires children to get 23 doses of 8 vaccines before entering school. It appears that SB 346’s proposed adoption of the CDC immunization schedule increases this to 49 doses of 14 vaccines during the first six years, and 66 doses of 15 vaccines by age 18.

Senator Tarte introduced their bill by comparing parents who do not vaccinate either according to the CDC schedule, or those who exercise the state’s current religious exemption, to the murderous Taliban

Tarte also stated “There’s never been a case that’s failed to uphold the ability to mandatorily vaccinate kids, especially when it endangers the public health.”

So, is there a legitimate crisis that justifies a change to state law that violates the NC Constitution?


 In fact, a very brief look at readily available facts demonstrates hypocrisy of these senators’ bill — SB 346 — and their ignorance of the state’s Constitution and laws.

 SB 346 Authors’ Hypocrisy and Ignoring the Facts

 First, this proposal to remove parental religious exemptions from immunizations is the exact opposite position taken by the NC Senate when it voted on Feb 25, 2015 to uphold the right of elected magistrates to refuse to marry same sex couples. So according to the NC Senate majority, elected magistrates have religious freedom, but parents do not. Put another way, religious freedoms are for sale by the NC Senate as long as large corporations (like Pharmas) are willing to pay for their elimination. (Perhaps understanding the hypocrisy involved in his SB 346 vaccine bill, Sen Tarte was the only Republican to vote against the SB 2 magistrate bill.)

 Second, the authors have admitted to intentionally vague language in the bill about which K-12 school children are covered, leaving open the question of whether homeschooled children would be required to comply with the new law. While the authors have suggested that it was not their intent to cover homeschooled children, in private they have told fellow senators the opposite. When confronted on camera with this apparent lie, Sen. Jeff Tarte refused to answer.

 Third, Sen. Tarte asserted  the purpose of the bill was to insure “needless deaths did not occur” (video) and that the authors wanted to avoid “cases of disease we thought we had eradicated.”

However, easily available facts disprove any increased risk of disease caused by failure to follow the CDC’s vaccination recommendations or NC’s existing religious exemption:

 NC already has a very high immunization compliance rate compared to other states. According the CDC, in 2014, for entering Kindergarten students rate for MMR vaccine was 98.8%, the rate for DTaP vaccine was 98.7%, and the rate for varicella vaccine was 99.7%.

The NC bill is part of a nationwide Pharma-backed push to mandate more vaccines and to eliminate religious exemptions after a measles outbreak started at Disneyland (California) in December 2014. What the mainstream media hysteria does not report, because it relies on Pharma advertising money, is that CDC data indicates that only 25% of the 125 Disneyland measles cases occurred in vaccine refusers.

The bill ignores that the last measles death (1) in the United States was in 2003. CDC will not put this statistic on its website, but CDC has emailed it to a physician in Maine. The CDC stated in 2012 that since 1995, an average of 1 measles-related death per year has been reported.

The bill ignores that NC DHHS reports that the number of measles cases in NC is down over the last three years: zero (0) cases in 2015, one (1) case in 2014, and 22 cases in 2013 (that originated in India). None of these cases resulted in death.

The bill ignores that the last Whooping cough (pertussis) death in NC reported by DHHS was in 2013, in an infant too young to receive DTaP vaccine according to the CDC schedule.

The bill mandates the Hepatitis B vaccine for newborn babies the day they are born even though it is a disease caused only by unprotected sex, prostitution, and intravenous drug use. In a medical journal article, Hepatitis B vaccine has been positively linked to autism.

The bill mandates the influenza (flu) vaccine even though CDC has admitted that it was only 18% effective in 2014-2015. The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) has reported that flu vaccination campaigns are simply public relations by public health agencies like CDC and profit-motivated pharmaceutical companies. 

The bill mandates influenza (flu) vaccine even though a 50% reduction of flu vaccine supply in 2004-2005 (due to manufacturer violations of FDA regulations) resulted in a lower incidence of influenza than normal.

The bill mandates following the CDC’s vaccine schedule for MMR vaccines despite CDC refusing to tell members of Congress why it will not study adverse health outcomes (including autism) in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. Perhaps this is because the CDC has known since 2005 that unvaccinated Amish children, other than those vaccinated before adoption, do not get autism. CDC has refused to conduct this research since 2006 when a bill mandating that the agency conduct such a study was introduced in Congress.

The bill mandates following the CDC’s vaccination schedule for MMR vaccine despite a CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, admitting that since 2004 he and his colleagues had covered up data showing an increased risk of autism in black male children. Dr. William Thompson has been subsequently granted federal whistleblower protection in 2015, a fact that the Pharma-dependent mainstream media has ignored.

The bill ignores the fact that the federal government’s HHS vaccine injury court has awarded almost $3 billion to about 4,000 families due to deaths and serious, crippling diseases caused by vaccines. This is because since 1986 Congress has prohibited families of vaccinated-injured/killed children from suing any vaccine manufacturer.

The bill relies on CDC to make decisions for the state and for parents despite the agency’s long history of gross incompetence and willingness to compromise public health in favor of Pharma profits. Instances of CDC incompetence include the agency’s responses to 1976 Swine Flu non-epidemic, the 2006 Avian (Bird) Flu non-epidemic, the 2009 Swine Flu, and the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. CDC has a long history of reckless handling of pathogens, including anthrax, avian flu and Ebola, resulting in its employees and other citizens being exposed to these agents.

The bill ignores the lessons of CDC’s incompetence  in handling the 1976 Swine Flu non-pandemic that can be drawn from a 1978 report requested by former HHS Secretary Joseph Califano.

The bill relies on the ethically compromised CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) despite the US Congress’ House Committee on Government Reform having reported in 2000 six broad areas of conflict or interest between half the committee members and the vaccine manufacturers. The 15 current sitting ACIP members are “advised” by 8 ex-officio and 30 non-voting members, some of whom have long histories of conflict of interest. The result is ACIP decisions that serve only Pharma interests and the government bureaucrats who are supposed to regulate them.

The Phoolish Senators’ Legal Catch-22

Apparently, the pharmaceutical company lobbyists who drafted SB 346 didn’t research NC state law or its Constitution very well. Or the three authors of the bill are just not very smart or simply don’t care about the law or the state Constitution. Either way, SB 346 conflicts with both the NC Constitution and other state law.

Lets examine how:

 The NC ConstitutionSec 13, Religious liberty states:

All persons have a natural and inalienable right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences, and no human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience.” (emphasis added)

 When confronted on camera with the inherent conflict between his bill, which explicitly controls and interferes with the rights of conscience, and the state Constitution, Sen. Tarte refused to answer constituent questions. In fact, this so-called public servant just walked out of his state Senate office when asked some simple polite questions.

Sen. Tarte has told the Raleigh News & Observer that “the God I know doesn’t want children to die unnecessarily.” So, Senator Tarte and his two co-authors believe that their God should be the arbiter of religious beliefs — and medical science — in North Carolina, and not citizens’ “dictates of their own conscience” as stated in the state Constitution. Further, Sen Tarte’s God apparently cares only about children harmed by disease, but not about the 15,000 vaccine-related deaths and injuries families have taken to the federal vaccine court

Somehow I do not recall the Bible saying: “God loves all his children, except those that threaten Pharma profits.” Perhaps Sen. Tarte can point that passage out to the people of North Carolina.

The NC Constitution, Section 15, “Education” states:

The people have a right to the privilege of education, and it is the duty of the State to guard and maintain that right.”

 and NC General Statute § 115C-378, “Children required to attend”, reads:

(a) Every parent, guardian or custodian in this State having charge or control of a child between the ages of seven and 16 years shall cause the child to attend school continuously.”

 Therefore, according to the NC constitution and state law: citizens have a “right” to a free education, the state must “guard and maintain that right”, and parents must “cause” their child “to attend school continuously.”


Sen Tarte’s bill, SB 346, asserts:

It is not the intent of the General Assembly to require any child in this State to be immunized, as it is the parent, guardian, or custodian of a child who makes the final determination as to whether or not to immunize the child. However, in order to attend school in this State (K-12), each student shall be immunized in accordance with this section. “

 So, to summarize the Catch-22 situation in which Sen. Tarte and his co-authors intend to trap North Carolina parents:

SB 346 authors assert that they do not “intend” to require any child to be immunized against their parents or guardians religious beliefs.

But according to Sen. Tarte children must be vaccinated exactly according to the CDC schedule or they cannot attend school (any school due to the intentionally ambiguous language of the bill).

And if parents do not comply with the requirements of SB 346, their children will be denied the privilege of a free education guaranteed under the state Constitution — a “right” that Sen. Tarte and his co-authors are required to “guard and maintain” as elected officials of the NC government.

And what if parents do not immunize their children according to the CDC schedule, and their children are consequently refused the “right” to attend school?

Then the parents can be fined or jailed for failing to comply with state school attendance law (NCGS § 115C-378).

In short, parents and guardian must comply with Sen. Tarte’s de facto mandatory immunization law or face prosecution and imprisonment (or fines) for not complying with school attendance regulations — even if the they desire to have their unvaccinated or partially vaccinated child attend school.



  Having read Sen. Tarte’s public statements on SB 346, and watched him in three videos linked in this post, it is clear Sen. Tarte believes he is above the law and unaccountable to the people of North Carolina.

  Worse, he invokes God – his selective Pharma-loving personal interpretation of God – to deprive North Carolina citizens of their Constitutional religious rights in the absence of any compelling public health emergency.

  Therefore, SB 346 is a threat to the liberty of every North Carolina citizen, because if the NC General Assembly willfully ignores the state’s Constitution — and attempts to play God by voiding the explicit rights therein —  this will only be the first of many rights being trampled by ethically corrupt politicians doing the bidding of their corporate campaign donors.

For more information on what you can do to stop SB 346 see:

National Vaccine Information Center:

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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5 Responses to GUEST POST: Phoolish Pharma Phunded Phaux Health Crisis Leads to Phascism

  1. JT says:

    Your “article” is full of nonsense and easily debunked clap trap (e.g., Why are you such a liar? Is being honest too difficult?


    • I’ll relay your comment to the author.

      The article is roughly 2,100 words long.
      Is the section on Dr. Thompson your main gripe or would you care further elaborate on what is “full of nonsense”?
      If the Snopes link is your sole debunking tool, you might want to re-read that section.


    • The author responds:

      It is not surprising that someone defending the CDC’s corruption of vaccine science would respond with name calling (“liar”) and a Snopes article that repeatedly uses the word “conspiracy.” When the facts are not on one’s side, and billions of dollars are at stake, then resorting to emotional arguments is the only resort.

      Given the billions of dollars at stake, and the potential criminal liability of senior CDC, FDA, and Pharma employees and executives, this feeble attempt to discredit my Lady Liberty article — by targeting CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson — is not surprising.


      Because Dr. William Thompson’s accusations against CDC are a highly credible and mortal threat to the US government’s incestuous relationship with vaccine manufacturers.

      The obvious response to this critique, and to the Snopes article cited, is already in my article. If there is no link between vaccines and autism (or other disabling or deadly autoimmune disorders), then why do CDC (and other government health agencies like NIH) refuse to study vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations in a controlled — and fully transparent — study, making all of the data available for academic study and public scrutiny?

      In 2012, US Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) asked this question of a senior CDC bureaucrat who once supervised CDC’s Dr. William Thompson. The CDC bureaucrat’s repeatedly evasive refusal to answer this simple question can be viewed in this excerpt (link) from C-SPAN. (

      Further, if there is no vaccine-autism link, then why does the US government, which represents the vaccine manufacturers in the federal vaccine court, demand that all court records — including scientific evidence strong enough to convince a court — of settlements with the families of those injured or killed by vaccines remain permanently sealed? (

      And why does the US government continue to refuse to admit the vaccine-autism link even after the federal vaccine court awards millions of dollars to families of vaccine-injured children? (

      In Aug 2014, the CDC’s Director of Immunization Safety essentially admitted that the “possibility” of such a link between vaccines and autism exists. But despite this admission, CDC will not conduct scientific studies to prove or disprove this link, while the agency continues to tell parents and physicians that all vaccines are universally safe and effective.

      For Lady Liberty readers wanting more information specifically dealing with Dr. William Thompson see:

      1) Dr. Thompson’s 2004 letter to then-CDC Director Dr. Julie Geberding expressing concern about biased CDC vaccine research and requesting her to intervene (she never answered his letter or met with him) (

      2) Former US Congressman Dr. Dave Weldon, MD’s 2003 letter to then-CDC Director Dr. Geberding about the CDC’s failure to conduct vaccine-autism research. ( (

      3) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr’s commentary (with linked audio recordings) on Dr. William Thompson’s whistleblower accusations against CDC (where Thompson remains employed today in 2015): (

      4) Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s articles ( about Dr. William Thompson’s accusations:

      Lady Liberty readers should understand that the US government, Pharma, and CDC cover-up of a vaccine-autism link has the potential for hundreds of billions of dollars of potential liability for disability and deaths caused by unsafe vaccines. Further, those who covered up the link could be held criminally liable and face imprisonment. And the politicians in both parties who aided and abetted the cover-up would never be re-elected.

      The Pharmas have no product liability because Congress passed a law in 1986 (and also in a 2002 Homeland Security law (link:, specifically for Eli Lilly the manufacturer of Thimerosol) that indemnifies the vaccine manufacturers. But their vaccine profits are at risk if Americans begin to realize that some vaccines are unsafe and some are unnecessary.
      Related sources: ( and

      What Pharmas, CDC and FDA are doing by covering up vaccine related disability and death is no different than what the cigarette manufacturers did for decades before their efforts were revealed in court. The difference is that the US government did not indemnify the cigarette manufacturers, task federal agencies with covering up cigarette-caused illness and deaths, or represent these companies in federal court. (

      As with cigarettes, asbestos, pesticides, Agent Orange, and 1950’s nuclear bomb testing, unless the evidence of these proven health risks is presented in court — under threat of perjury — the Pharmas, US government, and the mainstream media reliant on Pharma advertising revenue will never admit to the vaccine-autism link.

      But now are three all scared — terrified — of CDC scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson because his evidence could end up in court, where their name calling, junk science, and other well-practiced Astroturf tactics ( — like planting “science” in Snopes — won’t work.


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