#NCGA Revising ‘School Health Assessments’

Yesterday, HB 13 passed a second reading as tweeted out by Policy Watch’s Lindsay Wagner:

The primary sponsor is Rep. Torbett of Gaston County. Other sponsors include JonesPittman and Whitmire. View the HB 13 Bill History.
A ‘health assessment’ is defined in HB 13 as:

A health assessment shall include a medical history and physical examination with screening for vision and hearing and, if appropriate, testing for anemia and tuberculosis. Vision screening shall be conducted in accordance with G.S. 130A‑440.1. The health assessment may also include dental screening and developmental screening for cognition, language, and motor function. The developmental screening of cognition and language abilities may be conducted in accordance with G.S. 115C‑83.5(a).

The changes and additions to the language in the bill give me pause.


Every parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis shall submit proof of a health assessment for each child in this State entering kindergarten in who is presented for admission into kindergarten or a higher grade in the public schools shall receive a health assessment.for the first time.


The health assessment transmittal form shall be permanently maintained in the child’s official school record.


What does one of these ‘health assessments’ look like?  NC Dept. of Health and Human Services has the Kindergarten form and a link to the related NC Statute.

I’ve never seen this assessment form before and it is frankly incredibly invasive. Much of that form is none of the state’s business. All I needed to enroll my child in Wake County was to show proof of his age, our address and their vaccinations.  None of the Wake County enrollment packets require such invasive health data.

State statute § 115C-364 says all you need is the birth certificate.

The changes to this bill are arguably asking for the collection and storage of health related biometric data, which is in violation of SB 815 that was signed into law in 2014.



Wake County Schools Enrollment Packets:

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