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Today’s Article: Common Core Critic Flunks Core Test



Recently, Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project, who has been in North Dakota once at my invitation, attacked North Dakota values by insinuating that our teachers, administrators and duly elected superintendent of public instruction are uninformed, too stupid to advocate for our students and guilty of handing our autonomy over to powerful interests in Washington.

I am offended, and so should be every parent, teacher, educational professional and business owner in North Dakota.

Handing over autonomy is not what the state did, and it’s certainly not what our school boards, school administrators and teachers have done. Robbins has neither worked on the North Dakota Standards nor witnessed the vetting process the educators underwent.

Rather, she is using generalizations or anecdotes that she has heard about in other states and applying them to North Dakota.

I would take Robbins’ words with a grain of salt. I also would suggest that The Press readers talk to their teachers, school boards and administrators. These people are the experts on North Dakota education, and they support the new standards.

Further down:

Robbins ought to check her facts before pontificating about how things work in North Dakota and spewing ideological blather.

North Dakota students, parents, educators, owners and operators deserve better than to be intimidated by ultra-right-wing Washington organizations.

Mr. Peterson doth spew ideological blather too much.

Did you get that? The American Principles Project is “ultra-right’wing”.
This characterization is meant to silence the debate before it begins by injecting political bias claims.

Bottom line, the new narrative is to continue politicizing the standards and undermine experts who speak out against Common Core. Shorter: smear the messenger.

The most important line of this op-ed is this one at the bottom:

“Peterson is the president and CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber.”


Indeed, a new narrative and not just one of bashing parents to bashing experts.
Missouri Education Watchdog observes and explains:

From and an op-ed written by the president and CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber:

The reality is this: Common Core is an initiative forwarded by governors, educators and the business community.

That’s more than a subtle change.  That’s a move from being labeled as being led by the states to now being forwarded.  Think of it this way: Forwarding an email vs writing an email is quite different.  One party does the actual work or writing and one party just hits ‘forward’.   Here’s the 2009 PR piece on Common Core from the US Chamber (

state led common core


So is the new talking point of the proponents is that governors, educators and the business community now are ‘forwarding’ an initiative that was factually never ‘state led’? 


Now go read this: Nevada: More Misinformation & Mayhem from the Common Core Cabal. The Wild Wild West of Spin. **Updated With Video**


Why We Keep An Eye On The Chambers Of Commerce Core

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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is heavily vested in promoting and pushing Common Core. As push back has grown, Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan has been pushing the US Chamber to apply more pressure. State and regional Chambers have followed this lead, blanketing papers with op-eds, running television ads and billboards. In North Carolina, the NC Chamber of Commerce has been documented as a clear supporter of Common Core and have created a special education initiative called “Hire Standards” to push Common Core.

How big and hard is the NC Chamber pushing Common Core? Public Schools Forum NC board member and former NC Legislator, Gene Arnold, said outright on local television show, NCSPIN, that the Chamber would choke off campaign contributions to candidates who did not support the Common Core. Direct quote:

“The big stick the business people are using is the threat with campaign contributions could slow down.” – Gene Arnold, NCSPIN 5/15/14 (video)


Read about the US Chamber of Commerce:

Read about the Chamber in North Carolina:

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