Educators Cobbling Together Ferguson ‘Syllabus’ on Twitter

Daily Haymaker is gonna love this article.

Teachers on Twitter have been using the hashtags #FergusonSyllabus and #FergusonResources. Credit for the #FergusonSyllabus is given in the compiled resources document itself to @DrMChatelain.

  This compilation appears to have been started months ago by “@dankrutka“; most recently passed around in November. Revisit this tweet below after you read the rest of the article. Then ask yourself, Laugh or cry?

These alleged educators are seeing ‘teachable moments’ in the Ferguson situation.  Examples of how to ‘teach’ about Ferguson include ideas and resources like:

  • “Child-friendly version of the UN Declaration of Human Rights”
  • “Book : “Our Enemies in Blue” by Kristian Williams”
  • Documents and films on the Black Panther Party
  • The YouTube video Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids’ by
  • A couple of entries comparing Ferguson to the Boston Tea party.

Boiled down — Most of these ‘teachable moments’ are focused on race. Not a single one, as of the publishing of this article, was on how the justice system or Grand Jury system actually works. What is offered instead is a distinctly biased lesson option:

Students will explore their ideas about fairness in the American criminal justice system and the role of race and ethnicity by analyzing the depiction of the Amadou Diallo shooting inBruce Springsteen’s song “American Skin (41 Shots).”

The bulk of the resources collected were themes like ‘white privilege’ and how it brought about Ferguson. Several compared Ferguson’s riots to the Boston Tea Party.

One has to shake their head at any educator who thinks that is in any way, shape or form a valid comparison to make — or even think about making.

Seriously, what planet do you come from when you compare looting, arson and property damage from a Grand Jury decision to protesting taxation without representation by dumping tea in a harbor?

Just to illustrate the absurdity of such a comparison, here is Ferguson vs. Boston, which asked ‘When is rioting justified?’ Be sure to read the whole page.

I wonder how many parents in Grand Rapids, Michigan know the author of this lessons is a “concrete artist turned teacher” who thinks his job is “to create subversive citizens who will question the status quo and bring justice and equality to the world.”?

If I was a parent and this was my kid’s teacher, they’d be homeschooled from then on.



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