The Infamous “10,000” Comments On Common Core

If you’ve been following along in my journey to obtain the “10,000” comments, you know I’ve been looking for these pieces of feedback ever since Dr. Atkinson mentioned them.

CC June False WitnessAtkinson also commented during the course of the legislative research commission that there were “60,000 teachers” involved in the revision of the standard course of study. She was very vague and never brought that item up again.

As of this moment, I don’t believe that there are “60,000 teachers” involved in any set of feedback for any course of study past or present. I think there’s been some “false witness” going on. Read on and see why.

This feedback was supposedly collected by the powers that be at the Common Core standards website from March to April 2010, but those powers that be weren’t sharing them.

I dug around and found that Dr. Atkinson’s statements sounded a lot like statements made about feedback in other states. (See the second half of  NC Superintendent Holding Her Own Common Core Commission)

I even did a Freedom of Information request for them back in July, but as of today had not received anything from the NC Department of Public Instruction. I was told the person who compiled them had left for a different job.

I now find this reply about who compiled the comments interesting, since the document I received was collected by whoever runs the site I say ‘whoever, because we still don’t know who site is registered to. It’s been a depressing series of roadblocks and lack of transparency, right?
Don’t fret,  yesterday turned out to be an interesting day.

No sooner had I published the status of my request for them, when a little birdie dropped a present in my inbox.  I now have a copy of the infamous 10,000 comment feedback for North Carolina.

I will be publishing the comments once I find a suitable way to format it and to remove the names of those who made the comments. I am not going to put these folks under the microscope by identifying them, unlike the Common Core State Standards website which logged their IP addresses and included them in the excel sheet I received. Gee, that’s not creepy at all.

In the meantime, I will share some of the stats I gleaned from the records:

  • The feedback total was not 10,000. It was 8,371 – for all states/locations combined.
  • The number responding from North Carolina was a whopping 195.
  • There were many versions of how respondents identified who they were ranging from parent to homeschool related and K-12 teacher. Roughly 100 were either K-12 teachers or directly related field. 8 were homeschooling parents or educators. Over 60 identified themselves as parents with another descriptor included; 50 of them as just parents. I’ve made the breakout available for viewing here.
  • The breakout of the location of the respondents can be viewed here.
    Of Note – One put their location as ‘ Carleton Washburne Middle School’ , 26 listed ‘not in US’ and even someone from Micronesia was included. The largest response came from California with 778.

There is no way of knowing how these respondents were directed to the site. The documentation I received does not contain that. Given the incredibly low number who did reply nationwide over a two month period, it would point to little (if any) solicitation for feedback.  One has to wonder why proponents mentioned them at all as evidence of transparency. Was this a joke?

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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  2. Donna Williams says:

    Hi Andrea – will you please contact Rich Gianni – County Commissioner – email – or phone 919-604-3203 For our children and grand children,Donna WilliamsWake GOP Chair “The work of volunteer groups throughout our country represents the very heart and soul of America. They have helped make this the most compassionate, generous, and humane society that ever existed on the face of this earth.” Ronald Reagan


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  4. Since they were kind enough to included the IP Addresses you might as well put them to use..

    Look for duplicates, or multiples in the same block of addresses.. The first 3 groupings match but the numbers in the 4th grouping are different, ie | Those comments would have originated from the same server. Then do a Whois on duplicates or IPs that originated from the same server.. see if any of them track back to a server belonging to a government agency, NGOs or corporation that might have a vested interest in Common Core.

    Interesting that has a privacy block on their domain registration, and no direct contact information on their website..But I found this on their contact page..

    Thank you for your interest in the Common Core State Standards. Please direct all general inquiries to:

    To learn more about the National Governors Association (NGA Center), click here. Find out more about the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) here.


    A good indication they’re a front for the Council of Chief State School Officers


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  6. mooregrits says:

    Reblogged this on commoncorediva and commented:
    A great find to refute the 10,000 comment line we’ve been told from the start about CCSS.


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