The Education and Workforce Innovation Commission

Is education about learning or is it about a workforce? Maybe a bit of both. With Common Core, it’s all about setting up kids to be piled into one profession or another based on data collected on them.

Governor McCrory signed the Common Core repeal bill for North Carolina, but seemed nonplussed. His comments on the matter, prior to signing, seemed to indicate a possible rebrand attempt would take place. Or maybe he’s got his own Core-like program set up: The Education and Workforce Innovation Commission.

This commission is in our state statutes “115C-64.15. This commission was created via the General Assembly. It looks like  HB 902 was a first attempt and the first line of the bill reads as follows and gets progressively public/private partnership laden:

“The Education and Workforce Innovation Act will accelerate progress toward high academic rigor and skills development with the goal of graduating every student both college and career ready.”


Here is what JDnews reported about it in March 2014:

Governor Pat McCrory congratulated this year’s recipients of the Education and Workforce grants. The program is aimed at strengthening successful, innovative education programs that combine academic rigor and skills development with the goal of graduating every student both college and career ready.
“These grants will accelerate innovation and partnerships with business and higher education in schools throughout North Carolina, and will empower our educators to be creative in how we prepare our students for college and a career,” said Governor McCrory. “I want to thank the members of our Education and Workforce Innovation Commission for their commitment to support students from diverse regions, communities, and schools around North Carolina and to ensure that all students, regardless of background, have access to the exciting opportunities these grants will bring about.”
The Education and Workforce Innovation Fund was created in the 2013 legislative session. Grants will support five year programs in districts throughout North Carolina. 
Members of the Education and Workforce Innovation Commission include State Superintendent June Atkinson, University of North Carolina system President Tom Ross, North Carolina Community Colleges President Scott Ralls, State Board of Education Chairman Bill Cobey and other business leaders from around the state. Billie Redmond, Chief Executive Officer of TradeMark Properties, acts as Commission Chair.

The article goes on to list the grants.  11 grants were given to the tune of $7.9 million.

  1. Durham Public Schools ($800,000)
  2. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools ($800,000)
  3. Surry County Schools ($800,000)
  4. Davidson County, Lexington City, and Thomasville City Schools – Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy ($350,000)
  5. Duplin County Schools ($800,000)
  6. Buncombe County Schools ($800,000)
  7. Beaufort County Schools ($800,000)
  8. Granville, Franklin, Vance and Warren Counties ($800,000)
  9. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County – Kennedy High School ($350,000)
  10. Chatham, Harnett and Lee Counties ($800,000)
  11. Rutherford County Schools ($800,000)

Want to see a contract for this grant? Click here for Chatham/Harnett/Lee County. Scroll down to page four.

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