Southern Poverty Hate Center Labels Moms & Dads as ‘Extremists”

Happy Mother’s Day! You’re an extremist!

The same outfit who created a “hate map” from which would-be mass murderer Floyd Lee Corkins took his targets from has just labeled citizens concerned about what their children are learning in school as ‘extremists’. You could say that you just can’t make this stuff up, but apparently Southern Poverty Law Center can.

No, I’m not kidding. The Southern Poverty Hate Law Center has just completed their circle of hypocrisy and beclownment. Yet another “politicizing” attack on Common Core opposition.  Southern Poverty Hate Center is no Arne Duncan. They’re not just aiming at moms, they’re trying to smear the whole lot.

ArneDuncan war on moms meme

Get ready to LOL and roll those eyes – because well, as with all Lefty conspiracies, the Koch Brothers just have to be behind it. Forget that Bill Gates has dumped $3 billion into this thing, it’s the Koch’s got it?

Daily Caller reported:

The report largely ignores the large number of critics on the American political left, including the Chicago Teachers Union, who deplore Common Core because it mandates evermore standardized testing. It also largely ignores the complaints of a multitude of critics on the right, who oppose a technocratic takeover of public education that wrests education decisions out of the hands of local school boards and parents.

Instead, the SPLC report insists, opposition to Common Core comes from “far-right extremists” who oppose Common Core out of fears it will “indoctrinate young children into ‘the homosexual lifestyle’” and “turn children into ‘green serfs’ who will serve a totalitarian ‘New World Order.’”

“The disinformation campaign is being driven by the likes of Fox News, the John Birch Society, Tea Party factions, and the Christian Right,” the report declares. The SPLC also mentions “the Koch brothers,” of course.

The conspiracy theorists behind the SPLC report theorize that “the radical right” hopes to use opposition to Common Core as a proxy in a broader fight to terminate all public education for some 50 million schoolchildren in the United States.

Wow. The stupid. It burns.

Daily Beast also has an equally stupid article up. I won’t send them the traffic. It’s by some clueless knee-jerk bash-righty type named Caitlin Dickson who spends the first 3 paragraphs making the same valid arguments Common Core opposition has made, but then links to the Southern Poverty Hate Center report. At that point, it all goes sideways and the agenda driven hackery shines through. I’ll say it, the article is an excuse to bash the right at the expense of the Common Core opposition and she was stupid enough to do it — and poorly I might add. Zero finesse in that thing. Dickson quotes SPLC, then turns around and gives a total rational quote from one of the accused “extremists” as somehow proof of the SPLC claim.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

In closing…

Dear Southern Poverty Hate Clowns,

These are not extremists. These are parents, teachers, students, grandparents, moms, dads, sisters and brothers. They are not extremists, they are citizens engaged in what happens to their children. Nice try with that attempt to smear us with ‘the tea party is racist’ brush.

We are moms and if you mess with our kids, we will take you down like a category 5 hurricane.

Stuff it. 🙂


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