NC Supreme Court Races: Hunter/Ervin Associate Justice Race

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about the judicial races in North Carolina this election cycle. I ended my series yesterday with the Beasley/Robinson race, but have been asked by readers to continue on to a few other races going on. This installment, we’ll look at the Associate Justice Race between Bob Hunter and Sam Ervin IV.  Both are seeking the seat being vacated by Justice Mark Martin. While these races are non-partisan on the ballot, Hunter is Republican and Ervin is a Democrat.

Prior articles on these races will be located at the bottom of this article for reader reference.

About Bob Hunter

Born in Greensboro, NC, Judge Hunter attended high school at Page High, then went on to a B.A. at UNC Chapel Hill, a business degree at George Washington University and his law degree from UNC Chapel Hill’s Law School. Judge Hunter also was a 2014 LLM candidate at Duke University.

Judge Hunter currently resides on the Court of Appeals and has a long list of 24 items that makes up his professional background, the most recent entries are:

• Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals, Raleigh, North Carolina, January 1, 2009-present (Elected 2008) 
• Hunter, Higgins, Miles, Elam & Benjamin, PLLC – 1999-2008 
• Hunter, Johnston, Elam & Benjamin, PLLC – 1999-2002 

For more background on Judge Hunter, view his Judgepedia page and Wikipedia page. Judge Hunter’s campaign site has a handy guide to a sample of some of  his opinions.

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About Judge Sam Ervin IV

Judge Ervin IV obtained his Associate Bachelor degree from Davidson in 1978 and his law degree from Harvard in 1981. Ervin is the son of Judge Sam Ervin III and the grandson of former U.S. Democrat Senator Sam Ervin.

Judge Sam Ervin IV in the past was appointed in 1999 by Former Governor Hunt and again appointed to the NC State Utilities Commission by Former Governor Easley in 2007 and is currently residing on the NC Court of Appeals.  A bit of his background from  his Bio page on the campaign site:

From 1981 until 1999, Judge Ervin practiced law with the Morganton, North Carolina firm of Byrd, Byrd, Ervin, Whisnant, McMahon, P.A., and its predecessors.  While in private practice, Judge Ervin handled a wide variety of civil, criminal, and administrative matters, including many appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

In 1999, Judge Ervin was nominated by Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. and confirmed by the General Assembly to serve on the North Carolina Utilities Commission and in 2007 he was confirmed for a second term.  

As a member of this quasi-judicial body, Judge Ervin was involved in deciding many important regulatory matters related to the electricity and natural gas, telecommunications, and water and sewer service.

Judge Ervin was elected to the North Carolina Court of Appeals November 4, 2008. His term as a member of the Court of Appeals commenced on January 1, 2009, and extends until December 31, 2016. 

More details can be found on Judge Ervin IV’s Judgepedia page, which also notes that Ervin ran against Justice Newby in 2012 but was defeated.  There is also a Wikipedia page for Judge Ervin IV. Some held the opinion that Ervin or embattled and arguably far Left leaning UNC Professor Gene Nichol should have been appointed by Former Governor Perdue to the spot that was ultimately given to Cheri Beasley in 2012.

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