New Fundraising Tactic: Cursing For Clay

Want to attend a Clay Aiken fundraising event? You need to meet certain criteria.

  1. Bring money
  2. Be a Democrat or Liberal
  3. Have a tolerance for F-bombs

Via Hot Air:

In case you hadn’t heard the news, American Idol star, singer and actor Clay Aiken is running for Congress in North Carolina’s second congressional district. He’s hoping to take on (and take down) current GOP Representative Renee Ellmers. While Aiken’s success could allow him to largely self-fund the effort, politics still requires you to get out there and do some fundraising, pressing the flesh with the local donors and power brokers. But as the following video shows, don’t bother stopping by if you’re a Republican. You’re likely to get an icy – and expletive laden – welcome. You can just see Aiken in the background as the clip begins, though he’s quickly blocked from view by some looming thugs with a lot to say.

I’ll preface this with the necessary warnings. NC-17 language ahead, and so much of it packed into a barely more than 30 second clip that I can’t even put up a transcript on the pages of Hot Air. So it’s not for the easily offended and put your headphones on if the kids are around.



Now here’s the video (below) of Aiken being interviewed by the News and Observer. Not sure which is worse, the F-bombs or this interview. Aiken offers little to no new material and if you’re looking for spine, look elsewhere.

He rambled on for two minutes about Obamacare and my eyes nearly glazed over as he complained about Republicans yet then ended his answer with saying things aren’t getting fixed because no one talks to each other. I’d refer Aiken to his fundraising f-bomb dropping buddies on that point.

“I am a strong supporter of the DREAM Act.”  Aiken then went on to repeat the Democrat script on amnesty.

Don’t be drinking anything when you hit the 4:42ish mark.

Q: What are your thoughts on the deficit?

A: My thoughts on the deficit…. we spend a lot of money. Ummm.. We spend more money than we need to in a lot of areas.

No sheet Sherlock. The rest of his answer is almost as insightful. Watch the clip here:


UPDATE: Was this video shot at The Player’s Retreat in Raleigh? This is yet unconfirmed, but the location seems to fit. (h/t @JHillVA on twitter)


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10 Responses to New Fundraising Tactic: Cursing For Clay

  1. Dana says:

    You’re a ReFuglican. Of course you’re going to twist things out of all recognition. Its all you know how to do. Tell me, what did the party crasher do or say to get blocked out? Oh, you don’t want to go there. Yup. Typical GOP.


  2. Wow! Seriously! This man needs some serious help with his lack of basic common r-spct. I guess this proves that Democrats/Liberals don’t care about things that may offend some potential constituents (like religious Democrat/Liberal folk).

    Renee Ellmers supports amnesty too. She pretends to fight Obamacare. She has nothing to worry about from this Cretan – move on, nothing to see here!


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