Local Useful Idiot Builds Strawman Bonfire

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


As I surf the news each day, I sometimes hit local NC newspaper sites. Recently, one caught my eye where a writer out of Garner had posted an article in The Holly Springs Sun titled, Second Amendment motivations no longer a threat to Americans. Clearly, the author is a Constitutional scholar and knows that the latest round of gun grabbing is totally going to end gun violence…because you know, criminals and the mentally unstable totally follow laws. (Side Note: There is a response on the Holly Springs Sun site to Miller’s opinion piece of garbage. It’s a good one. Bravo.)

After reading it, I had to shake my head. This Keally Miller person could have a healthy, glowing bonfire if they burned all the strawmen in the piece.  I could go paragraph by paragraph lighting them on fire but they pretty much do that for themselves. So I chose this line in particular that induced a spit-take:

With 60 percent of all homicides caused by firearms in the United States, we have a problem. One that cannot be fixed by placing guns in the hands of teachers or by ensuring every household is gun-equipped (some of the more ludicrous ideas I have heard).

OMG! 60% of homicides are caused by firearms! Scary but misleading statistic! EVERYBODY PANIC!  Gee, arming myself so as not to become a statistic or putting armed guards in schools is totally ludicrous. Bundling that statement with the next sentence made me smile, frankly.  Let me be the first to get in line to give Miller a “Gun free zone” sign for their lawn. It works so well everywhere it’s displayed. Kind of like a dinner gong for criminals for a free murder buffet.  James O’Keefe Demonstrates for us how those in the press walk the gun free zone walk that goes with their talk:


I’m going to go ahead and guess Miller pulled the 60% shock number right from Wikipedia who in turn took that right from the gun grabbing UN. I’m glad to see Miller backed up their 60% claim with no breakdown of the numbers, because now I get to do it for them, or rather Doug Ross has:

1. The rates of gun-related homicide, suicide and accidental death have decreased by 44 percent, 19 percent and 69 percent respectively since 1993 (for all races and ages).
2. After declining substantially over 10 years, gun suicides rates have significantly increased each year since 2006 (for all races and ages).

3. Since 1993 the rate of gun suicides has been higher than both gun homicides and accidental gun deaths combined (all races and ages).
4. The ratio of gun suicides to gun homicides for white Americans is 3.1 to 1 and is the highest across all races, with whites aged 15 to 34 being most at risk.
5. Americans aged 15 to 24 are the most at risk for gun homicide, but the ratio of gun homicides to accidental deaths for this group was just 1 to 3 (all races).
6. The majority of American gun homicides (54 percent) take the lives of black Americans, who constitute just 14 percent of the total population.
7. Homicide is the leading cause of death only for black Americans aged 15 to 34, with 87.4 percent of all homicides for this group caused by guns.
8. The ratio of gun homicides to gun suicides for black Americans is over 6.1 to 1, but for non-black Americans it is just 1 to 3 (a difference of nearly 20 times).
9. The ratio of gun homicides to deaths from flu/pneumonia for black Americans is 1.1 to 1, for non-black Americans, it is just 0.1 to 1 (a difference of 10 times).
10. The ratio of gun homicides to accidental death not due to firearms for black Americans is .50 to 1. For non-black Americans, it is just .05 to 1 (a difference of 10 times).


So, did you catch the gist there Keally Miller?  No? Let me spell it out, young, black males are making up 87 percent of all gun homicides. This constitutes just 14% of our population, but are involved in more gun related homicide than any other group.  Do the math, if you can…or just read the Chicago Sun Times regularly for a dose of the deaths.

These stats (above) end in 2009, but the CDC shows now 11,078 fire arms deaths. Yet another drop. Visiting the FBI crime statistics site might also behoove you. The FBI shows a much different number than the CDC at 8,583, but the data tells the same story as Doug Ross’ link.  Don’t skip the section showing the justifiable homicide by citizens either.

Still not getting it? Try reading this. It’s got your 60% number in it: 60% of Gun Murders Take Place in Major Cities Which Voted for Obama

A quick hit on your gag inducing twist on Obama’s double standard on guns:

Local Garner citizen Helen Phillips, simply stated, “I never thought I would live to see some of our leaders so hateful.” While Ms. Phillips and I discussed the NRAs newest ad against President Obama, the one where they issue the absurd statement – “Barack Obama won’t have two sets of rules – armed guards for his rich friends and their elite schools, restrictions and gun free zone for ours,” she made a very wise insight, “they have protected every President since Abraham Lincoln.”

Miller’s quote is priceless. I think they were going for the shame tack, but ended up making the point that yeah, the President does have a double standard. So, yes, he is the President and he does get protection for his family. Not so fast, YES, he is indeed trying to deny that same protection for the average citizen with his 23 Executive Order laundry list for gun control. I refer you back to gun free zone signs —  this is not hateful as your quote states, it’s TRUE. He has even re-instated the lifetime Secret Service protection recently.

In Summary, for Keally Miller:

  • Criminals don’t follow laws.
  • We don’t have a legal gun owner problem, we have a criminal (and at times mentally unstable person) problem.
  • Law biding citizens have every right to defend themselves as they see fit.
  • You cannot ban evil.

That defense includes using their Constitutionally protected right to bear arms if the case calls for it. I’d like to point out your entire article does not once mention the fact the Second Amendment main intent is for the citizens to protect themselves from their own government.  The very government which is hurtling totally out of control and is currently trying to disarm them. Feel free to be a sheep for the government wolves. I prefer to be the armed Shepherd.


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