Day of Rage or Something…

The Lonely Conservative posted the info on this planned ‘Day of Rage’ protest on Wall Street of which I picked up and reposted here. I think it’s kind of bad planning on their part to pull this stunt on a Saturday… when Wall Street is closed? Either that or they’re a bunch of cowards who would fold like card tables when pressed to leave, which is what I suspect the case to be truthfully.

Anyway… The Lonely Conservative has an update to the story; A dry run if you will. It’s more amusing than ominous and I was disappointed to see no one brought a hackey-sack or frisbee to this test run. This all went down on September 1st and The Lonely Conservative notes that Maggies Notebook reported that nine were arrested that day.

They did return and here is a video of the fruit loops doing Yoga to warm their rage up:

(Video was taken down, but it had a group of about 5 people doing Yoga and playing drums.)

Nice, they brought their kid. How very nice to bring a toddler aged kid to a dry run for civil unrest. Parenting skills for the win! I gotta ask though — what is with the guy in the panda get up? They sing at several points, one time singing ‘bail out bananas’. Errr, ok. It was the musical puppet show, complete with creepy naked baby puppet, that really made me wonder if these people were on acid. Perhaps they hit one too many Grateful Dead shows, I don’t know. More of their shenanigans here. I will likely update this post once we see who actually showed up for this party.

Update:  I must have been in a cave not to notice that the SEIU has actually announced a planned Day of Rage for today as well or missed them being partners on the site proclaiming the intent of the Banana serenading hippies. A few other outlets made the connection to Obama/ACORN/MoveON and Unions – story here and here.

Update 2: I found a site doing ‘live streaming’ from the location here.  I hit this feed around 3:30 and it was an utter and complete fail. Jerky and not live most of the time. I found the ‘official twitter account’ for USDayOfRage here. The tweet I linked to is ironic – let’s protest but hide who we are? Too late! Map of their planned ‘outrages’ here.

Update 3: This will be the tweet section of the updates I post.

Update 4: This thing was a joke. Their own people on the ground were all excited that they estimated maybe 3-4 hundred people were there.  The live feed was a total fail. Half of the time it wasn’t live and was showing what I would equate as Liberal porn — Olbermann clips and protest shots from around the world. Weird.  I gotta say, it strikes me as odd that the Tea Party and Conservatives have been called every possible name in the book yet groups like this with names like Day of Rage and AttackWatch are deemed patriotic and acceptable. Truly hilarious.

Moonabat Tracker has a nice round up of the ‘Day of Rage’ or as I call it the ‘Day of Mild Irritation’. Moonbat also had a lead up piece here and here. There were a lot of people saying how mad they were that corporations were buying extra votes and that it should be ‘1 Citizen, $1, 1 Vote’.  Really? Then how come we didn’t see any of you people in WI countering the Union rallies? They buy votes in bulk with YOUR money.

Videos (updated as I get them in, so check back):

First one from the Blaze

This one made me laugh — the Pirates of the Carribbean theme, guys… really?

This is what Democracy looks like? Hey Day of Rage, Wisconsin called, they said GET YOUR OWN PROTEST CHANT! *yawn*

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