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The Twitter-sphere is on fire making #attackwatch the biggest #backfiredhashtag ever. I’ve had a few tweets of my own in this here and here. You should check it out for yourself, though.  I have been amused and laughed out loud quite a number of times just in the hour I have been watching the feed. Then one tweet by @Kefuffles came out with a video attachment that I just had to share:

All jokes aside, this is a pretty pathetic play by The Obama Campaign. It’s rather disgusting and very much in line with the tactics used by the Stasi (Ministry for State Security) of East Germany. Make no mistake folks, this is Obama compiling an enemies list, but it’s not one composed of Political or media enemies as in the past. This one includes you and me. Average citizens. He is essentially saying to you or anyone else, ‘hey, did you hear something about me? Did someone attack me? Go ahead, tell me about it.’ It’s insidious on a whole new level – even for this Chicago Thug-in-Chief.

I went through the site quite thoroughly and I can flat-out say with 100% certitude that it is nothing more than a propaganda machine. This is of course, a foregone conclusion as we already knew just looking at its Orwellian 1984 color scheme that it would be. What floors me about it is the blatant fact this thing is meant to pit people against each other; neighbor vs neighbor, co-worker vs co-worker and so on. It’s meant to induce paranoia about who is listening to you and why they are listening. The part that is already backfiring, as Twitter is showing us already, is that WE DON’T CARE. We’ve had enough. We’re not dumb and you can’t play us anymore than you already have. We’re unafraid of you, Mr. President…our only fear is we will get you for four more years.

Updated: Linked by Zilla – thank you lady!

Update: At MaggiesNotebook, I noticed her story featured an angle I had not seen yet. That it is being said that AttackWatch.Com is using tracking cookies to track people hitting the site. Oh really? I’ll just have to wipe that one out right now! If you want to visit the site, try a proxy to do it — a good one is

Update 2: My photobucket Album, AttackWatch, has new shots from the Failtastic Facebook page for Attack Watch. It is worth noting that inside the 10 minutes I was searching Facebook via their own search box, that Facebook removed all results for Attack Watch — including results of the the official group page itself. This was around 6:40-45ish EST. I’ll have to check back in a bit to see if they re-instated it. I think Zuckerberg must heart Obama or something!!

Update 3: Comedy Gold! You knew it was coming…click here.

Update 4 (9/22): I noticed a post by Jim Treacher called R.I.P AttackWatch.  Looks like it’s gone dark since its last tweet around the 16th. It was only a matter of time since it had a terminal and incurable form of the disease known as stupidity.

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  2. Actually, I mentioned the tracking cookies in my post too. heh. But I love Maggie’s Notebook and am off to read the post there now. 🙂


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  4. Quoted from you & linked to you, here:
    Take Your Quisling “Attack Watch” Snitch Site and SHOVE IT!


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