9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate Rundown

9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate on CNN

For various reasons I was unable to watch most of the Debate, therefore my commentary will be limited in this run down. From what I did see and what I read, it was Perry Pinata time again. Most of what they threw at him he handled though. My feeling is that this is still a four person race but the two front-runners are Perry and Romney. If I had to put them in order after this debate, it would be Perry, Romney, Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Hunstman.

Debate Links:

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CNN Youtube Channel has videos, some of which I have included  below.

GOP Candidates: Why I’m Running For Office – Tea Party GOP Debate:

The “Zingers”:

The Red Meat:

Bachmann: Slammed Perry, ‘I’m offended for all the little girls.’ The rest piled on. This line of attack has teeth only because most of the public hasn’t read the bill which allows for opting out (like ALL vaccinations) and they ignore Perry has already said he would have done it differently. I’m not really buying the Crony Capitalism aspect some are pushing – but I do buy over-zealotry. She showed weakness in her Constitutional knowledge.

Gingrich: Got a roar from the crowd on this one. Glad he also pointed out how cozy no-tax paying GE is with Obama. He flip-flopped on ethanol.

Huntsman: Hit Perry, “Let me say, for Rick to say that you can’t secure the border, I think is pretty much a treasonous comment.” Something bugs me about Huntsman…oh yeah, he’s the GOP version of Obama.

Santorum: Took aim at Paul, calling him ‘Irresponsible‘. I’m glad Santorum ripped him. We already have an apologist in the White House and we don’t need another one and Paul’s 9/11 crap makes me want to slap him. Glad to see the audience boo Paul.

Paul: Got heckled on Healthcare by an audience member. Was booed for his explanation on why jihadists have good reasons to kill us. Psst, Ron – they don’t need a reason other than we’re infidels but continue to delude yourself.

Romney: Throws backhanded compliment to Perry with ‘four aces‘ being dealt to him. There was not a lot else Romney said that gleaned any headlines. He held  his status quo.

Perry:Romney scares seniors with his Social Security rhetoric‘. He answers a lot of the critics and put a lid on Romney on this topic tonight. More here on the Social Security tussle with Perry clarification here.  He defended his Immigration record. His instate tuition issue came up in that, which some think he flubbed it. Perry slapped Romney on his economic record.

Campaign 2012 Links:

Ron Paul:  Paints Perry and Romney as ‘Pretty Boys’. Petty isn’t Presidential, Ron.

Rick Perry: Scores Bobby Jindal’s endorsement. This is a nice win for Perry. Epic Win Response to question in SC on gun control: “I am actually for gun control: use both hands.

Mitt Romney: Has Pawlenty endorsing him. This is not a win for Romney and only brings back the endless clips of ObamneyCare. Also – Endorsing Hatch??

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