Food Stamps: The Rotten Fruit of Social Justice Entitlement Programs

Obama food stamp nation goes fast food across America « Quite Normal.

Excerpt from Quite Normal:

“It is seemingly innocuous stories like this which encapsulate in something the size of a french fry all that is wrong with America, and why we are doomed. America is flat broke and up to its bloodshot eyeballs in debt. We are borrowing money from China, a nation that lives on rice and dog, to feed a bunch of spoiled fatties. Oh the irony.

Once upon a time, when Americans had pride and self-respect, they were ashamed to have to resort to food stamps, and only the most needy of cases would use them. Now, a large and ever-growing percentage of Americans feel entitled to the handout.

I love fast food, and I will defend it to the last bite, but the government should not be subsidizing it, or anything else.”

I could not have said it better, hence my posting of this. Spot on, Quite Normal, spot on. This program is broken and instead of fixing it, we’ve seen this administration just shuffle the cards – or in this case the money. Afterall, Food Stamps can now be seen as ‘stimulus’, so why not expand who can take them and along the way devalue the dollar even more? Bear in mind, Obama signed it into law last year, but the Congress and the Senate passed this funding fiasco, which not only cut into Food Stamps but Medicaid as well. We need to clean house in 2012 and not just the White House.

Read about the Bill, who voted for it, against it and the money trail: The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (S.3307).

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