Tea Party Zombie Game

I saw this article over at Gateway Pundit:  New Tone… Liberals Create New Online Game Where Tea Partiers Are Murdered ….Update: The Game’s Creators Work For NASCAR | The Gateway Pundit.

I naturally was disgusted with it but unsurprised since this is par for the course for Liberals these days, what with all the Terrorist, Barbarians and ‘Son of Bitches’ talk going on. Being a gamer of sorts, I decided to check it out and play it. One level where they take aim at Glenn Beck is particularly vile and I sincerely hope he picks up this post and sees what they wrote about him.

This crosses a pretty big line in my opinion

I’ve played a lot of games going back a long way — all the way back to floppy disks. This is by far one of the worst game engines I’ve seen. The clipping is awful, the sounds are unimaginative and you can tell a Lefty made this thing because the aim is totally off… but I digress. Anyway, I started playing and as I advanced in levels there appeared these little intermission type nuggets of Liberal Logic. I continued as far as this piece of crap game let me before it unceremoniously shut down and punted me from the page entirely. I took some screenshots of these nuggets and have compiled them here. They are not in chronological order because after a while it all started to look the same and I lost track of which half-truth or lie came when. That must be what it’s like constantly for the Left. Heh.

I'm wondering why one is in a bra and one isn't. Shouldn't they be on a level playing field?

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4 Responses to Tea Party Zombie Game

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  2. I’m thinking of working on a game whereby radical liberals are sent to a “conservative re-education camp” complete with beatings over the head with Bibles, deliverance and exorcisms, hair shirts, fetal abortion pain simulator, along with small-business start up and expansion brainwashing. Sounds like a promisihg game to me ….


  3. This game is unbelievable. No doubt I will soon be hearing it used as a reference by my Lib associates.


  4. This is just how low they are willing to go,liberalism truly is a sickness,the Tea Part movement started because G.W.Bush signed TARP,and the Patriot Act.Then Obama doubled down.They are brainwashed by the socialists,useful idiots that will fall in line ,no matter if it is truth or not.The Tea Party are the American people,and Obama has made his choice…


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