What It Is Not

The 10th Anniversary is a week away. It is a time for reflection, for mourning, consoling and for bonding with our fellow Americans. It is also a time for remembering and for renewed vigilance. We cannot let ‘Never Forget’ turn into ‘Forget it’. What it is not is a time for short-lived outrage followed by the thought, “what can I do about it?” while we shrug and walk away. It is not a time for us to let political correctness silence us. It is not a time to be sitting on the sidelines – and not just about Ground Zero.

I’ve been writing and posting tributes to 9/11 all year. I’ve written about where I was that day. I’ve posted videos and tried to highlight the things going on with the Memorial site that the general public wasn’t seeing. Recently I profiled the two flights that did not hit NYC. I’ve collected videos to educate and inform people on what is really happening with the Victory Mosque.  I’ve written about the second wave of Jihad being waged on this nation. I’ve even written about Bloomberg and his obsession with sanitizing the event. I’ve been writing letters. I’ve been posting blog entries. I’ve been raising awareness every way I know how with what little time and resources I have.

Has any of it gotten through?

Is anyone reading this blog really paying attention?

The Attacks Are Not Over.

** September 11, 2011 - 3pm at Park Place and West Broadway **

Wake up America. What you tolerate today will become the Norm of tomorrow. Along those same lines, “The Evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanctions you give it.” – Ayn Rand, John Galt’s Speech



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