Ace of Spades Gets Alaska Right

From the site, Ace of Spades, on the Palin/Alaska Film credit debacle:

“There is no issue about her that can’t turn into a fight immediately.

When Governor, Sarah Palin signed into law a bill granting subsidies to TV and film productions shooting n Alaska. The subsidy was 30% of all money spent in Alaska.

Later, her reality show benefited from just this law. On this last point, I think there’s nothing really to talk about — she could not have foreseen being an indirect beneficiary of this law. Further, she was just an indirect beneficiary — Mark Burnett was the producer and would be doing the business end of things. Sarah Palin was the talent — the talent usually doesn’t do a lot of tax planning for the production.

But back to the first point, about the subsidies themselves. Some are making hay of this, because it seems to be contrary to the Tea Party spirit of very, very limited government intervention in the markets.”

Ace with this piece gets to right and gets to the root of the issue and intimates at the spin being applied. The Daily Caller is ticked off they got called out by Palin for what she described, very accurately I might add, as ‘sloppy’ journalism. It was sloppy, but it was also intention in my opinion. This was a conservative media hit piece designed to slap her down just prior to a possible announcement she might run for President. It’s right in line with the Rove-‘O’Reilly backstabbing of Palin (and a handful of other rising conservative stars) narrative of late. Human Events decided to proliferate the purposefully misguided article by The DC and just this morning we see Mediaite jumping on the bandwagon.

Take it from the horse’s mouth so to speak by reading her correction to the DC’s article here. After you read that one, go back and re-read the Daily Caller’s piece and make your own call on their ‘sloppy’ hit piece journalism.

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